The Whispers

Ever since the beginning. We knew. We knew that we were different from the rest. We could feel it. In our veins and in our cold-blooded black hearts. We were The Whispers.


4. Kylie's story

So I start.

"Three years ago when the war began, our town was deserted. Jamie had always been a close family-friend. When I was little he explained everything to me and helped me to control my thoughts and my mind. He also helped me to cover up. My family had no idea that I was different. I'm a very observing person, and from when I was little, I felt it and I knew I wasn't like the others. My parents always told me about 'Whispers' and how they are wrong and how I should never be friends with one. When I was 10 I met a girl at school. Her name was Anne. She had just moved from another town. When I first talked to her, we immediately clicked. I never told anyone about myself being a Whisper and I didn't show that I was one either. But Anne did. I remember the one day my mother had seen me talking, laughing and playing with her. She watched Anne and she knew what she was. What happened next was one of the worst things a child could ever witness. Two men grabbed her and dragged her away. They tied her up and set her down in the road. They told her to close her eyes. The next thing I remember is a gunshot ringing through my ear. My mother grounded me for 4 weeks for ever talking to Anne. I knew then, how much danger I was in if anyone found out about me. Just before the war started, I was 13 at the time. Jamie and I had a plan. I packed some of my stuff, and threw it outside my window. Jamie collected it in the middle of the night and put it in his car. He was friends with the SFA and they helped him write a cover story for the local paper. The headline was '13 year old kidnapped, raped and murdered, body found dead on the outskirts of town.' That night that the 'incident' took place, Jamie helped me escape. And he took me to the warehouses, as they had already been abandoned. But after that the rest if the people left town and it was left for the dead. Here I am today."

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