The Whispers

Ever since the beginning. We knew. We knew that we were different from the rest. We could feel it. In our veins and in our cold-blooded black hearts. We were The Whispers.


5. early morning conversations

Andrew's POV

"Wow, that's kind of amazing how we both had to leave our families." I say.

"I wouldn't really call it 'amazing'." She says. And then she adds, "but we had to save ourselves."

At this point I hadn't really realized that we were pretty close to each other on the sofa.

Kylie yawns.

"Tired already?" I tease her.

"Yeah I am." She replies with a sleepy smile.

And with that she closed her eyes. I watched her sleep. She wasn't like those girls in the movies that slept softly and gently. She was breathing heavily and she was drooling a bit.

I could help but laugh at her. She was literally perfect because she wasn't perfect.

Just then Simon tells everyone that we have to go. I wake Kylie up gently and she moans at me and slaps my hand away. Then I shake her and actually wake her up.

"You're a bitch." She mumbles sleepily.

We get grab our stuff and head on back to the warehouses.

One and a half hours later

Kylie makes her was from the bathroom to our room.

The others are all in our room too.

Brian and David share a bunk, Ashley and Kylie share a bunk and now Jacob and me. It's currently 04:40 in the morning and I'm listening to everyone's stories. Kylie slides through the door and lays down on the bottom bunk. Within 15 seconds she is fast asleep and snoring.

Ashley tells me that she met Kylie two years ago. They've been best friends ever since. Everyone else has gone to sleep, but me and Ashley are sitting on the floor, whispering to each other. She tells me everyone else's stories and how they got here.

We talk about everything. Even though it is only my first night, I feel like I know so much about everyone already.

As the time goes by, Ashley tells me that she likes Brian and Jacob likes Kylie. When I heard this. My heart beat fast and I was jealous. I feel like Kylie and me have a connection and that we will get along well, but I don't want anyone else taking her and this feeling away from me.

I decide to go bed then to get some sleep.

Today is Sunday...

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