Just some poems I write/wrote when I'm bored!


1. Just Another

Was I just another smile?

Was I just another frown?

What will people remember

once I'm buried in the ground?


Was I just another writer

Lost in her own mind?

How will they remember me

once I've left them all behind?


Was I just another dreamer

reaching from the stars?

Will their last words for me be

"Wow, she was bizarre."?


Was I just another friend

they lost along the way?

Will they remember me

or will they forget one day?


But what if when I'm gone

the people by my side

let me go with a word?

What if we divide?


So, dear ones, so close to me

please absorb what I've said.

Please don't let me be just another

gravestone of the dead.


Don't forget me just yet,

don't leave me alone.

For when they ask who I was

I don't want to be just bones.


If these are the last words I write,

my wish, sisters and brothers,

Is that when I leave this world

you won't say I was just another.

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