Just some poems I write/wrote when I'm bored!


10. It's not you.

With three words
You made me melt
"I love you"
Cards perfectly dealt

With three words
You made me smile
"Be my girlfriend?"
Honey stay a while

With three words
You made me believe
"You're beautiful darling"
Now I feel so naive.

With three words
I had some doubt
"She's a friend"
What's that about?

With three words
You took all the power
"You're being dramatic!"
When did things turn so sour?

With three words
You made me cry
"We're breaking up"
Is this goodbye?

With three words
Though we'd only begun
"I love her"
Everything's come undone 


"It's not you, it's me."

With four words
He took my hand
"He's not worth it"
Now I understand

With four words
He healed my heart
"I'll always be here"
That was the start

With four words
He found his place
"I belong beside you"
He makes my heart race

With four words
He never let me fall
"I'll love you forever"
Now we have it all

With four words
He got a yes
"Will you marry me?"
I just need a white dress

With four words
These ones the most true
"I do"
"I do"

And sweetie, it's not you. 

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