Just some poems I write/wrote when I'm bored!


4. Dear best friend...

Inspired and requested by: The Girl They Call Jinx

Dear best friend,


This is a poem instead of a letter

A keyboard replaced my ink and feather

I write this to commemorate

The promises today I make


I know often people grow apart

Like the Grinch, a tiny heart

But when we are wearing thin

My heart will grow to keep you in


People so cruel, they may hurt you

Abandon and forget you too

But no matter how far we are apart

I’ve had your back right from the start


Friends are often fake and cheap

But our friendship is quite deep

If a bullet was shot out of the blue

I would take a thousand for you


So as my letter draws to a close  

I ask one thing, though it might sound lame

I promise to be here for you forever

Can you, my best friend, say the same?

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