Just some poems I write/wrote when I'm bored!


2. A star stuck on Earth

She presses her fingers to her lips
Holding in her cries
As if her the world is blind
To the tear drops in her eyes

Her only friends are the stars
Who comfort her every night
They will never leave her
Like the people in her life

Classmates think she's dramatic
Her life surely isn't that bad
She just wants more attention
That's why she acts so sad

While all the students avoid her
She just tries to stay strong
Only 2 more years she chants
That cannot be too long

She becomes an astronomer
Eyes locked on darkened skies
Those constellations make her smile
They're the reason she's alive

Her wedding begins in a field
The moon bright high above
She's glowing in her white dress
So this, this is true love

Glowing stars pasted on walls
Baby cradled in her arms
Hopefully the stars will hold
Her sweet daughter safe from harm

Driving back home at night
Stars shining like sparks
Her eyes finally go back to the road
Bright headlights, and then dark.

They scold her little girl
Sticking stars on the grave
Little of these strangers know
The child is just trying to be brave

All her pain, all her struggle
From the last moment in her car
Now she's welcomed to her home
She takes her place among the stars

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