Original Poetry and Song Lyrics Collection

All of the poems and songs in this movella are written by me, and they each have their own movella so people can leave feedback on/favorite/like individual ones they like.
However, if you just want to read my poetry, this is the movella for you. It's a collection of every poem/song I have on movellas so you can read them without jumping around.
Hope you enjoy!
Cover by me :)


14. Word Buffet

Word Buffet


Words are drifting through the air


Not a stumble, not a care.

Often used or left unsaid,

They aren't only read and said.


Lush is lounging in a tree

Leaf is tickled and laughs with breeze

Dog, cat, pooch, mouse and rat

Run from leash, sit down, and back!


Letters and symbols run amuck

They leap from head to tongue to book

Coast to coast to sea and sky

Every nation, tongue, and tribe


We wade through wads of words and phrases

Stomp through storms fresh off the pages

So next time you think you have nothing to say,

Remember you live in a word buffet.

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