Original Poetry and Song Lyrics Collection

All of the poems and songs in this movella are written by me, and they each have their own movella so people can leave feedback on/favorite/like individual ones they like.
However, if you just want to read my poetry, this is the movella for you. It's a collection of every poem/song I have on movellas so you can read them without jumping around.
Hope you enjoy!
Cover by me :)


8. Help Me

Help! I’m drowning in your eyes!

Beauty suffocating in brown disguise,

Holding not a single lie.

Help me, help me!

Put your eyes on mine!


Help! I’m longing for your lips!

I’m blushing to my fingertips,

a brighter red than any eclipse.

Help me, help me!

Place your lips on mine!


Help! I’m tingling for your touch!

Your perfect sense of not too much,

Shown in how you move my hair and such.

Help me, help me!

Slip your hand in mine!


Help! I’m drowning in love for you!

Yet you seem so blind to my clues!

Together we could share the view...

Oh, help me! Help me!

Tell me you'll be forever mine!

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