Apex Predator

Happenings in the Apocalyptic world, where apocalypse caused due to a strange disease which pursue people to Starve


3. The Nameless son

When Oscar became conscious, he was in the swamp of ankle deep mud and whatnots, to his surprise, the pit does not seem to be like the place he imagined. He imagined it to be a place with dark environment that will be covered with pile of corpses that are dumped over the years, but to his surprise, it was considerably bright with two lights and seems to like the place for garbage and other excremental materials, but no corpses. Oscar became extensively frustrated by the pain from his head, he tried to get up slowly as the land so slippery, he had to struggle to get up, and he found an old map on the wall. Oscar slowly walked towards the map on the wall and started to read the map. The map showed a red dot and “You are here” arrow symbol towards that red dot; Oscar tried to figure out how to get back to his bunker. He found the bunkers specified in the map. He found a door, not far from the map, it is a path of tunnel that will lead to the bunkers, as he proceeded towards the tunnel and tried to get into the tunnel, he slipped on something and fell down on his back. Oscar so annoyed by that slippery thing, rose up quickly and checked what did he slipped upon. It felt like the packet that will be used for providing drip packets for the workers, he became so anxious and he took that from the mud, and cleaned those packets in a leaky water tap and looked into the light of the tunnel as to look what it is…?

Oscar started laughing hysterically, and said “It’s those damn Drip packets, the damn drips that I gave to that son of a bitch, the packets that claimed the life of the old man”; he laughed continuously and checked the seal to check whether any drip available

To his miraculous surprise, none of the three packet’s seals were opened, Oscar suddenly took the rolled tube and syringe from one of the Drips and injected them on to his hand, after one of the packets got emptied and he took the other packet as well and injected it, as it was a miracle to get more than one Drip packets, and even harder to get a packet for an injured man, as he finished his second packet and went on to inject third packet, he stopped and went into a deep thought for a moment and voice inside him questioned

“Why are the packets not opened…? Why didn’t the Supervisor did not use the packets, Supervisors are not extraordinary human beings as they also need to feed on the Drips, No one would waste a Drip packet, even men from the corporation need the drip packets as the disease is omnipresent, Why was it not opened, instead it was thrown away into the pits? Why didn’t he care about the Drip? Why? Why?”

Oscar suddenly shouted out loud to himself, “Shut up...! You got your sausage due to this clever thinking, shut up, shut up, just shut up”, Oscar who does not want to think about anything other than heading to bunker went straight on to his bunker sparing the last drip packet for his only friend Gibbs

When Oscar had reached the bunker, everyone of Wells’ man and Wells himself have vanished from that spot, and there were some men worshipping something and with a meager voice Oscar started to call out his friend “Gibbs, Gibbs, where are you man….look what I have….oh shit” Oscar cried and shouted “Shit, Shit” looking at a Corpse which was impaled with a cross, through its mouth and was pushed through other side and mounted on to the ground and few people were worshipping that.

It was the corpse of a child, looked familiar to Oscar, but couldn’t figure out; until he recognized him from the fight he had in the morning where he tried to chase the child for three Drips, it was the same child, in fact the only child he had seen in the fortress, all the others were either dying old man or dying young men.

Oscar found his friend Gibbs few feet away from the cross, in one of the Bunker and he was partly conscious, he rushed on to him and injected him the drip packets he had, and asked “Gibbs, are you alright man….Gibbs can you hear me….come back man….”, as Gibbs regained consciousness, his eyes were so wide open in an amusement of fear, he was so pale and started to talk in a very low fearful voice. Gibbs said “They killed my son, they fucking killed my son; that is my son Oscar, I have hid him for a long time”, Oscar in an anxious manner asked “Who killed him…?”

“Wells” replied Gibbs in a single word. Suddenly Gibbs pushed Oscar aside and ran towards one of the bunkers and pulled out a knife under the bed and Oscar tried to stop him, but Gibbs pushed him aside and shouted “Daddy is coming with you son” and held that knife on to a wall with the pointed edge against him and plunged his forehead on to it deep enough to kill him. Witnessing this, Oscar rushed to the side of Gibbs, but by the time he reach there, his left eye was twitching and the knife went right in between his eyes and looked as if he was shedding blood tears

Oscar shouted in agonizing pain “what is his name…..what is your son’s name….?”

Gibbs tried to reply to him, but could not as he had lost all the reflexes from his brain, and started bouncing on the floor like a ball, until it stopped slowly withering the soul out of Gibbs body, Oscar crying helplessly at this situation took a look at the Nameless son of Gibbs and pulled out the knife from Gibbs head and started walking towards the people worshipping the cross, pulled out one to a floor and threatened to slice his throat, “where is Wells…?”, the man did not show any fear, and replied “In the north end of the Bunker” and got rid of the grip of Oscar and started praying the Cross again

Oscar gets a hold of him against the knife again and called everyone who is praying the cross where the child was impaled, “Hey”, Everyone turned to the voice of Oscar, without saying a word, Oscar sliced the throat of the man he had on the knife and told “Everyone out, I will not repeat my words, but my action, if you don’t obey”

Stunned by the barbaric violence of Oscar, everyone rushed and cleared the room within seconds, Oscar holding the man who is bleeding to death, throw him to the ground. He separated the child from the cross and brought the body of both the son and the father together, then took a blanket from the bunker and covered the family together. Oscar started walking towards the north end of the bunker with the bloody knife in his hand.

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