Apex Predator

Happenings in the Apocalyptic world, where apocalypse caused due to a strange disease which pursue people to Starve


8. Mad trade

The Next morning, when Oscar woke up, the first thing he saw was Red sitting next to his bed. Terrified by the sudden appearance of Red, Oscar woke up from his bed and yelled, “What are you doing here….?”

“I am sorry about what happened yesterday, I came here to apologize”, replied Red

“You scared the shit out of me, enough apologizing; let’s get to work, before we lose some of our food”. Oscar got up from his bed and moved towards the pisshole or the restroom of the bunker. Once Oscar got ready, both of them proceeded to the mines and started working sincerely. While they were working, they were talking to each other in a murmuring voice. “Why did you come to my bunker today in the morning…?” asked Oscar to Red

“Well I did not come in the morning; I was sitting beside you the whole night”

“Wow, really? That was freaky, are you a boy lover or something, because I am not into such things”, laughed Oscar

“Shut up Old man, I came to apologize for what happened yesterday”, replied Red with a smirk face

“Ok, I believe you”, said Oscar in a sarcastic voice

“Really man, I swear I came to apologize to you yesterday”

“Sure, right”

“What can I do to make you believe me?”

“You can do one thing, you can believe me”

“I don’t understand”

“I am going to let you in a secret, and you have to believe it”

“Let me try, what is the secret”

“They found the cure for the disease”

“What disease? And who are “They””

“What other disease do we have, “The Locked Belly”, The Corporation has found the cure for the disease. I saw a freshly ate apple piece, yesterday”

“What the hell are you talking, are you feeling delusional lately?” criticized Red for Oscars answer

“See you don’t believe me, how can I believe you then”

“Ok, Ok, how do you support your claim that they have found the cure?”

“I found a Red bitten apple, in Wells hand”


“Someone had ate the apple, that means they are cured of the disease, they have found a cure for the disease”

“Did you saw them eat it?”


“Ok, let say you have found the apple, what if someone had carved out the apple, or chewed the apple and puked, and then they threw the partly chewed apple which they could not eat”

“I beg to differ; I know that apple was eaten by someone”

“How do you know that?”

“I will explain everything during the lunch, now we have already wasted several grams of our drip, get back to work, or I won’t save you like I did yesterday”, rushed Oscar with a sarcasm

After that both of them worked their day out and went to Lunch, to get their respective share of food. While they were on injecting the food, Oscar explained, everything he saw on that day, as to how the masked men beat up Wells and what Wells told them, then how he got the apple. He told Red everything, except the fact that he killed Wells. Instead, he said that the corporation men have killed Wells.

Listening to the story gave by Oscar; Red seemed to be convinced of the cure and said “What are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know, I mean nothing as of now”


“What why? We cannot do anything as of now, no one is going to believe me, besides some followers of Wells are plotting to kill me, I can tell that by their looks”

“Well you got to do something, Tell me what do you want, maybe I can help you?”

“Stop this and let’s get back to work now”, said Red

“Common man, let’s do something, maybe we can get the cure?”

“If you want to do something, then save me from Wells’ men, as they totally give me a creep” said Oscar, as one of the followers of Wells gave a dirty look walking past Oscar.

“Oh that, that will be easy”

“Easy? Easy how?”

“It is better done than said, it is Red’s word”, said Red in a determined way by nodding his head once

“Well don’t get killed in the action”, mocked Oscar with a smile.

After work, Oscar and red went to their respective bunkers. Red said he had to sleep a while, as he did not sleep yesterday night sitting beside Oscar. Oscar obliged and came to his bunker and lay in his bed for while with his eyes closed.

After a few minutes, Oscar went to sleep. After a while, Oscar saw the Old man, his friend Gibbs and the child of Gibbs, appeared in his dreams. Old man took the patch he had in his eye and there was no eye beneath it. Instead there was a black hole in the place of his eye. The old man put his hand inside his eye hole and uttered in a low feeble voice, “Eat this, it will cure you” and pulled out something slimy. As Oscar leaned onto see what it was, he saw a small snake in the old man’s hand. As soon as Oscar saw it, the snake plunged on to Oscar. Oscar woke up suddenly from his sleep and sat down on his bed, sweating. As he tried to recover from the nightmare, he observed some people standing beside his bed.

Standing in the middle was Mad Melanie, the lady with the red bandana, a loyal follower of Wells. Oscar was startled by this and tried to get up from the bed. But two men standing there got a hold of him, and pushed Oscar back to his bed. Oscar, who does not know what to do, stared at Melanie. Melanie who does not seemed to be agitated as she normally would when she was angry, called out “Mickey, is this the man you told me about?”

“Yes, sister”, answered the voice from the back of the mob. The voice seemed to be approaching to the front as it answered Melanie “he is the one I told you about”.

It was Red.

Oscar was both shocked and confused to look at Red. His reaction was awe when he looked at Red. Melanie then walked slowly towards Oscar, “Is it true, what Mickey says?”

“They are asking about the cure”, rushed Red before Oscar says anything irrelevant

“Shut up Mickey, I am asking this man. Is it true?” roared Melanie in her famous mad voice

“Yes. It is true. I saw that bitten red apple. I am sorry about Wells, I saw those masked men killing Wells”

“Why didn’t you stop it? Why didn’t you stop them from killing Wells”, questioned Melanie

Oscar paused for a sec and said “I was scared that they would kill me as well if they find me interrupting it.”

“Well that makes sense sister”, said Red with a humble voice, holding the shoulder of Melanie

“Yeah, that makes sense” said reluctant Melanie and continued, “What do you propose we should do about the cure?”

“Well, Well I haven’t thought about it yet, maybe me and Red, sorry Mickey can figure something out and come up with something”

“I am not leaving Mickey with you; you will kill Mickey as well, like you did that Old man”

 “Sister, Oscar is not violent. He is a bit shy to discuss the plans that he had thought with you. Let me get it from him, if you leave us two alone for a moment” argued Red

Melanie looked at Red and said, “Mickey don’t take too long, Mommy will make the bed for you beside my bunker, you be home soon” and left unwillingly from the scene with other men

After Melanie left, Oscar plunged onto Red, caught hold of his collars and yelled, “What have you got me into?”

Red held on to the hands of Oscar and said “I have got you out of the hook from Wells men, haven’t I?”

Oscar turned his face away from Red and thought about it for a while, let go of the grip he had on Red, in an amused voice Oscar asked “how did you make her believer you and why is she calling you Mickey”

“Well, like you said yesterday, there is nothing wrong with people to hold onto something they desire, my desire is to find the cure, the only person who will be mad enough to help us will be Mad Melanie and her desire was to get a brother whom she can pet, so I traded place with the previous Mickey. By this way we all can get what we want, Melanie got herself a brother, you got off the hook from Wells men and I found someone who can help us in finding the cure”

“But you said the only way a person can get off as Melanie’s brother is being dead, how did you trade place with the previous one”

“Ooh, that was simple, the last Mickey who Melanie adopted yesterday, was killed by Melanie yesterday night, as he tried to run away from Melanie’s madness. She was sitting by his body and was crying when I walked there, I made use of the situation and volunteered to be the next Mickey. Now I am Mickey the 6th”

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