Apex Predator

Happenings in the Apocalyptic world, where apocalypse caused due to a strange disease which pursue people to Starve


11. Dead Headquarters

Oscar moved away from Red and he was bleeding a lot from his thigh. He could not stand anymore, Oscar moved back to get a support of the wall. He leaned against the wall, and looked at Red. Red was smiling looking at Oscar struggling. Oscar looked at Red and said in a feeble voice “Why? Red?”

Red took something out of his pocket and threw it to Oscar. It was the eye patch, exactly like the one the old man whom Oscar killed used to wear. Red’s tone turned to an devilish panic voice and started talking

“My name is not Red, the Old man you killed on that day, his name was Red, and I am not Red”

“Is it because of the Old man, you don’t even know?” replied Oscar

“That Old man was 76 years Old, his name was Red and he was just like you, he knows how to read, knows how to write, he will do anything to live and to spare their children. I know everything about that Old man. He is my father. You know I have been trying to kill you from the day we met. I came to your bunker early in the morning to slit your throat, but luckily you woke up that day. Then I tried to get Melanie’s men into killing you, but she refused to kill you until she get the cure. Then I tried to knock you out to the guards, but poor Melanie fell for that. You Lucky bastard kept on missing every time I tried to kill you. Lucky but not so smart aren’t you?”

Oscar replied in a fainted voice “Yes, I am not smart, I regret myself from the day, I killed that Old man, and I deserve to die like this”

“No you are not going to die like that, you are going to die the same way that Old man died”, saying that Red junior pulled out a rock from his packet, and it still had some blood stains on it and said “This is the rock you used to kill my father, Now I will use this to take the life out of you”

After that Red leaned towards Oscar and raised his arm to hit Oscar with the rock. Suddenly Oscar pulled out the knife from his thigh and sticks it into the throat of Red junior. Red started bleeding from his mouth, tried to get out of the knife, but Oscar grabbed the back of his neck and pushed the knife deep into the throat. Red junior made a gargling noise as he struggled against the knife. Finally before he goes to rest, he hit Oscar on the head with the stone he had in his hand and fell to the ground.

Oscar looked at Red junior’s body and murmured in a silent voice “I will do anything to live on Kid”. After that Oscar tore his dress and tied it around above the wound on the thigh, tight enough to stop the bleeding temporarily.

Oscar searched for something among the lying masked men, it was the map. Oscar took the map which was found on the hand of one of the masked men and walked towards the directions specified for “Headquarters”

As Oscar walked towards the directions specified in the map, he finally came to the pits. As he proceeded, he intercepted a stone wall in the end. There was no path beyond that. Then Oscar looked at the map, the direction pointed downwards. Oscar expected to see a man hole over there, but couldn’t find anything like that. Oscar leaned on the wall with his back and extended his wounded leg out and sat on the floor. He stayed there for a while, gazing at the wall and the floor. Then he decided to get up. He pushed his hand against the wall to get a grip to stand up. Suddenly he felt a loose brick on the wall. Oscar turned to the wall and bent down on one leg and pulled out the loose brick. There was a push button switch inside behind the loose brick. Oscar pressed on the button. Suddenly a glow appeared on the floor, and that part of the floor started moving upwards. Oscar jumped on to that moving floor and fell down as his hurt thigh does not have a support. The floor moved up and stopped after 20 minutes of moving down. It landed right next to a door; Oscar moved away from the moving floor and proceeded onto the door.

Inside the door, there was a quarters with white background. It seemed like it has not been used for years, as he walked a few steps inside the quarters, there was another red door. Oscar opened it, a hard stench of dead bodies rushed onto Oscar’s nostril. Frustrated by the smell, Oscar covered his mouth with his hand and proceeded. Inside that he found many dead bodies that were already decayed. Everyone body had a hole in their body, like they were shot with some kind of shot gun or stabbed with some kind of knife. All the bodies showed sign of decay, a sign that it has been lying here for years.

Oscar moved quickly to clear out that room. But there were nearly hundred dead bodies dumped into that room. Oscar had to walk over some bodies to move to the end of the room. Oscar rushed out through one of the door, found at the end of the room. But still the stench of the dead bodies filled that room. The room was with a full white background and had some blood stains on the wall and there was a surgical table and bright light pointing out to the body lying on the table. There were few human heads kept on the rack beside the table. They were the heads of the Supervisors who used to look over the mine operations. Oscar went near the table to look who was lying on the table; it was the body of whom the masked men dragged from the bunkers. His chest was opened up with surgical equipment and he was missing every organ inside his chest. Suddenly

“Hello, hope you like what you are seeing”, a voice hailed from the back. In the back there stood a man, wearing a plastic suit, like the suit wore by astronauts. He was about the height of Oscar. Oscar cannot see his face through his suit. He can only hear his breathing through those suits, the only proof that he is not one of those robot soldiers.

Oscar turned suddenly and took out the knife he killed Red junior with. There he saw a man wearing suits, covered with blood all over him. But it doesn’t seem to be his blood. He said in a gentle voice “I was lying there with other corpses, when you came in; I hope you did not see me, who are you?”

“I am Oscar. Who are you?” replied Oscar in a gentle confused voice

“I am Mr. Jim. I am the man in charge here. I am the research specialist in this place. I opened up that man lying on that table. I study the organs of men”

Suddenly Oscar plunged on that man and put the knife to his throat, saying “Take me to your leader, Take me to your leader now”

The man in the suit acted scared and shouted “please don’t kill me; I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

“Take me to your commander or whoever you report to” roared Oscar

“Ooh you mean Sir. M, certainly I will take you there” said the men and extended his hand and pointed in a direction and said “We have to go that way”

“Don’t try to fool me, which is the real way?” asked Oscar

“I don’t want to die, that is the way, I swear, that is the way. I am just a researcher”

Oscar dragged him in the direction he pointed and he found out a desk at that point. Oscar left that man out of his grip and proceeded towards the desk with extreme precaution. There was no one there. Then the man in the suits got up and removed his suits. He was a man with clear shaved face and wearing a simple dress which was clean and from his face Oscar can make out that he is in his early 20’s. He proceeded towards the table and sat on the chair.

He started talking again, but this time in a totally different voice, he stared at the front of the desk where he was laying earlier and said “Mr. Jim what are you doing here? And who is this man with you. Aren’t you supposed to submit the report on the subject about the degrade rate of the bacteria?”

Oscar did not understand anything; he stood in a defensive gesture and stared at the madman. The man kept on talking

“What? He threatened to kill you? Threatened you with what? That knife in his hand”

He gazed at Oscar for a moment and continued “Well Mr. Jim, you know the rules, you should not bring strangers to my Office, you know the punishment, stop whining like a baby. You know those tears aren’t going to work on me”. Saying this, he pulled the drawer on the table and pulled out what seemed to be some kind of a gun and started firing across the desk, where there was nobody.

Oscar was at the peak of his confusion. The man then turned to Oscar and said “You are the one who took the map? Right?” then he turned to the wall and started talking at the wall “Look what your mistake has brought us Mr. Jeff. May be you should have concentrated on finding the map and killing this guy instead of questioning my decisions.” Saying this he paused for a moment and continued “He is not going to help you. Don’t ask help to him. He suddenly dropped his gun and jumped across the table and grabbed on to Oscar’s leg. “Help me, please help me. Sir. M, no Sir. M please forgive me this time”, then he looked up to Oscar and shouted “Help me, he will kill me”. Oscar tried to get rid of the grip on his leg and wiggled and got a hold of him and pushed him across the table. The madman then got hold of the gun from the floor and shouted “What did I tell you, He won’t help you. You are going to die. In fact I am going to kill him as well after you”

Saying this, he shot twice near Oscar’s leg and pointed the gun at Oscar, by that time Oscar came to his senses and ran towards the door and went into another room with Iron door. He locked the door behind him. The man chasing Oscar seemed to knock and shot on the iron door. But it was of no use as the door seemed to be made of re enforced steel. He shouted “You will come to me, I know, I will be sitting right here behind this door”.

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