I wish he was mine

I couldn't help it... I know he is dating her but I... I love him. I love Pewdiepie.


2. The start

Today was just a normal Saturday, I made some videos, I played some games, watched Pewdiepie (my no. #1 fave YouTuber) and now I'm out shopping for a new game. Lately Pewds has been playing Dark Souls II and it looks pretty fun so I think I might get that.


I don't really feel like testing out any Dark Souls so I think I'll just watch some more Pewdiepie.

I log on to YouTube to find no videos yet. I decide to go on Twitter to see if Pewds posted anything on there. He has

"How's it goin' bros! I'm gonna make a video soon of me saying hi to some of you bros! So get ready!"

'Hmm... Oh! I've got it! He's going on that site again, I forgot what it's called but I know how to get on it. It's a video chat site, Pewdie has been going on it to meet bros a lot lately. I think I might test my luck and go on it. '

"Here we go! All signed in and ready to go! Now all I need to do is wait and see. Yes! Pewds is online, I was right! He is going on this site!"

I wait for a few moments.

"He's not going to pick me, why do I even waste my time trying?"

In mid sentence pewdiepie comes up on my screen and I don't even notice.

"Aww, don't be so hard on yourself bro!"

I scream as I hear his voice in my headphones.

"OMG PEWDIE!" I scream into my microphone

"Eek! Don't talk so loud you'll blow my headphones and computer speakers up!" He says, blocking his ears in a childish way.

"Oops!" I say laughing "Sorry Pewds! Sorry fellow bros!" I stop still "wait... are you recording?" I say staring into space. "A-are you recording?" I asked again

"Yep! Say 'hollo!' To your fellow bros! Or just say hello, your choice!" Pewdiepie says doing a funny face.

I laugh as I say 'hollo!' To my fellow bros.

I can't believe THE Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg picked me out of his millions of bros to talk to!

"Hey so I know something! You wanna know what that something is?" Felix asks playfully

"Hell yes! Tell me! Tell me!" I reply sillily

"I know that your name is Alice. And that you do videos as well saying to your subscribers to be apart of the bro army. Saying how I inspired you..." He looks serious for a second "do you know why I look so serious right now?"

"W-well... No... Can you tell me?" I ask with a mix of curious and nervous emotions in my brain

"Because" he says dramatically "Iiiiiiiiiiyyy" he exclaims "Want to thank you!" He puts on a happy face again as he speaks. I sigh a sigh of relief and joy.

"Aaaaaaaannnd! I watch your videos to!"

My jaw drops as low as humanly possible "you? My idol? Watch MY VIDEOS?"

"Pffft, haha! Sorry, you look weird when you do that. Yes sir-bro!" I giggle like a dumb fangirl at the fact the one and only Felix Kjelberg, Pewdiepie, the KING of the bros knows who I am!

"Oh look at the time! Sorry Alice but I have to go meet some other bros before they loose it and brake their computer screens, bye Alice! I'll leave a link to your channel in the description! Buh-bye!"

"Bye Pewds! Bye Bros! Love ya!"

I end the conversation and ran around the room dancing. I just met Pewdiepie! What else could go good this weekend?!

Sorry I haven't updated this in a long time, I haven't been online in forever because of school and homework. Thanks for understanding guys!

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