World War Earth


1. Chapter 1

It was the year 2020. Everything seemed to go fine for humans, that was until the aliens invaded.


We didn't know what hit us at first. Lights started going out everywhere, signals started failing, everything just collapsed.


Everyone went on with their daily lives as if it was just a black out, but I knew something was up.   There were people on the streets with signs saying 'it's coming', 'the aliens are here', but just like every other person, I ignored them and kept on driving. Little did we know, those people holding the signs, were speaking the truth.


Two weeks went by without any power or signal. I visited my parents, they said the power should be on any day now, they had closed minds. On my way home that afternoon, my car suddenly stopped, I soon noticed everyone else's car stopped as well. I looked at the engine of the car, one of the spark plugs was sizzling. I walked over to someone else's car, and the same problem was happening for them as well. With some help of others, we pushed everyone's cars onto lawns, and left them there for the night.


That night. I would always remember that night. It was the night that started everything. The 4th of June 2020 was when the aliens invaded Planet Earth.


I couldn't sleep that night, I kept tossing and turning in my bed, something was keeping me awake. I couldn't stand laying in my bed alone and bored so I put on some yoga pants, a singlet and some shoes before heading outside, for a night run. The streets looked different as there was no light, more creepy. The light from the moon created shadows all around me. By now, I would have plugged in my head phones and listened to something while I ran, but the quietness of the night would have to do. Wait.


I knew something was wrong.


It was quiet. Too quiet. No birds were chirping, you couldn’t hear any insects, there wasn't even any wind.


I stopped dead in my tracks. What if the people who said aliens were coming was right?


I looked up at the sky and for a second, I swore I saw something move in the sky - like a shooting star, but it was too close to be a shooting star. In seconds the object disappeared, but that’s when the wind increased rapidly. It was as if we were having a cyclone, or a mini tornado.


And that’s when I started running back home. I was barely getting anywhere as the speed of the wind was too fast for my body, the wind was pulling me back more than forward.


Then suddenly, the wind dropped. I was panting heavily, and knew I had to get undercover quickly. It was too far for me to run home, I wouldn't make it in time, so I ran to the first house I saw.


Just as I got to the house and touched the door knob, the wind started picking up again, I gripped on the door knob harder and tried to open the door, but of course, it was locked like every other door on this street. The harder I tried to open the door, the more the wind picked up until finally a tall man opened the door.


The tall man looked down at me. He looked weird, almost as if he was sick. His skin was grey and his eyes were bloodshot. His mouth was dry and crusty, as if he hadn't had water for a couple of days. His skin and hair looked oily and he smelt of rotten fish. "They're here." He said laughing. "They've finally come for us, we're saved!" His body started to shake a layer of sweat started to coat his skin. I looked into his eyes, they were watery. The sweat on his skin started to drip down onto the floor, making little puddles by his feet. I began to walk backwards but he grabbed my wrist tightly.


"There's nowhere to hide." He smiled before bursting. Literally bursting. His blood splattered all over the floor and all over me. The rich smell of iron reached my nostrils and suddenly, I couldn't bare it anymore. I walked over to the garden, vomiting all over his pink and white flowers. I wiped the blood of my eyes before looking back at where the man stood. A pile of mushed up guts sat at where he was standing, I looked down at the clothes that I was wearing and could see the blood had already stained them.


I turned around to run away but a loud smashing noise coming from the house stopped me. I turned back around and looked inside the house, I could see someone's shadow in what seemed like the kitchen of the house. I didn't know why, but I my body was somehow made to go look for this person. I stepped over the blood and guts from the last guy and made my way to the kitchen. Once I walked in there I regretted it.


It turned around, its beady eyes facing me. It let out a low growl like sound before moving one of its eight legs. It looked like a giant spider, but it only had two eyes just like us. I didn't know if it was dangerous but I soon extended my arms to the knife rack and grabbed the closest, biggest knife. And that's when it ran towards me.


I closed my eyes and swung the knife towards the thing. The knife sliced a bit of its skin, but the monster damaged me more than I damaged it. I was scared for my life and instantly ran out of the house, nearly slipping on the pile of guts on the floor. Just as I ran out of the house a massive aircraft became visible in front of me. A light turned on and a massive missile launcher came out of it. I was too busy staring at the aircraft to notice that the monster was right behind me.


It scrapped at my back, cutting into my flesh and leaving a massive wound, I screamed as it pushed me down and walked up me. Its long, sticky tongue licked at my clothes and face until finally I made myself push the sharp knife into what I hoped was the skull. The thing made a weird noise as green goo came out of the hole I had just created. The monster sat on me, unmoving, leaving me a massive opportunity to get up and ran.


And that was exactly what I did.



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