Wishful Thinking

What was originally Seize The Night. I decided to make it a collection of my poems. Enjoy!


2. Our World

Bounding through the woods,

Running through the trees,

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins,

Going down a hill of forty degrees.


You’d never feel as much pleasure

Winning a 5km race,

As you would when you’re at peace with the world,

You feel like you’ve found your place.


Climb up a tall tree as fast as you can,

Run with the wild horses’ herd.

Dive down a waterfall into the river,

Although all this may seem absurd.


Now shall I tell you the meaning of all this,

The very thing I’ve been trying to say?

I’m saying that our world is a beautiful place,

So go green and help it all day!

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