The odds are never in our favour

"Happy Hunger games, and welcome to the 1st ever Quarter Quell!" The Capital woman screeched through the microphone, "This year, the poorest family in the district and the richest must send their oldest child to be tributes!"

It's the 25th hunger games, exactly 50 years before Panem changed, and one things on every bodies minds. The hunger games. Mert Post-haven was chosen to be district 11's tribute along with the wealthy Parn Shoulder-back. How can she be expected to fight him? One things for certain, the odds are never in her favour.
I've put it on yellow as there could be some violent scenes as this is a fan Fic of the hunger games.


1. Sunrise

I woke up with my arms stretched around my head and the smell of soft wood in my nostrils. That smell always comforts me. That's why I love working in the orchards, not that we have a choice. The harsh Peacekeepers of district 11 are unstoppable and imaginative when it comes to punishment. Public whippings, executions, deliberately stopping that families food supply, you name it, they've done it. I've heard that other districts Peacekeepers aren't so obsessed with punishment but I wouldn't know, I've only ever lived here. To me, the slightly earthy smell of our houses is the best smell in the world. My favourite smell in the whole wide world, the most comforting and homely smell imaginable. The only ever competitor is, walking through an apple orchard, bear-footed at dawn,the smell of fresh oak tree saplings and the light green leaves dappling in the new brisk sunlight, playing tricks on the shadows and turning an ugly day into something fresh, new and beautiful. Sadly, the days never turn out like that here, although sometimes you can catch it, the sunlight reaching through the leaves, like it is trying to right the world of anything bad, sometimes I feel as if I wait a little longer, I can reach out an touch it, grab hold of it and savour the moment forever. Grab the sweet things in life fast, they don't come often enough. That's why I get to the orchards at dawn, I'm one of the first to be here. So I can watch the sunlight, not the artificial stuff they put up in the games, the real living sunlight and watch the magical moment of beauty that only ever happens at sunrise. No-ones going to be in the orchard today, I'm not going to see the sunrise. It's Reaping day.

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