A New Student In Ouran High School

When Dafne goes to Japan to live with her brother and is going to attend Ouran Academy her world is turned around. She meets 7 new people that turn her world around. She falls in love and is in the host club.


2. Settling In

   I look at Big Bro and I say “I love your house.” He says “It’s our house you live her now.” I smile and hug him. I get my luggage and my backpack and then he says “Little Sis let me help you.” I say “ok.” We walk in and Big Bro shows me to my room. He opens the door and I see a Baby blue bedroom. It looked like an average girl bedroom. He says “Do you like it I remember your favorite color was blue.” I say “Do I like it I love it and my favorite color is still blue and black.” Then Big bro says “You know your Birth Day is in two days.” I said “yah I know.” He says “Do you want to go see the school you will be attending tomorrow because I need to turn in some papers for you to attend tomorrow.” I say “ok.” He says “Lets go then.” I say ok and then but then he grabs me and say no time. I laugh and say “It been a long time since you last done that.” He says “Yah I missed bothering you and playing with you.” I laugh and say “me too.” We get in the limo and the driver drives us to the school. We get close and Kaname says “This is the school you will be attending Ouran Academy.” I turn to Kaname and say “It’s beautiful.” The limo stops and we get out. We arrive to the office and kaname tells me go explore. I say “ok.”

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