Louis Tomlinson. Everyone knows him as the funny one or the leader from the boy band One Direction. Not many people know him as the bad boy. Except Marcie Lewis. She attended school with Louis and had a clique with him for a month or to but nothing serious. She grew very find of him. When the graduate and Louis joins One Direction they meet again while he's touring the UK. Will something happen between the two or will the clique they shared many years ago be it?


3. 3

Today is the day. I'm meeting Louis again after, what 4 years? Wow has it really been that long? I've seen him in pictures and can I say he looks so hot. Long fluffy hair, a little facial hair, quite a few tattoos, and his style has changed a lot too. He doesn't wear colorful jeans and striped shirts with suspenders but he wears black jeans with a white or graphic tee. And he can work that.

"Ok I have 30 minuets to get ready." I told myself as I entered the bath room. I put my make up on which consisted of foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. I put my hair up into a ballet bun in top of my head. I brushed my teeth, changed into my out fit, put deodorant and perfume on and headed to meat Louis. He told me to meat him at the park and we'd go from there. Wooh, I'm nervous.

Louis pov.

Oh my gosh. I'm meeting with Marcie today after about 3 years. When I got out of my shower I trimmed my facial hair a little, put on a white graphic tee shirt, black jeans rolled up, and I chose Keds instead of converse. I put on deodorant, cologne, brushed me teeth, and fixed my hair in a messy but out of my face thing. Ugh I'm nervous.

I'm taking Marcie to the park first then going to Nandos for dinner. It's 7:30 now so I have 30 minuets. Hm, I know I'll buy her some flowers! Well, that sounds kinda like a sappy love date thing. Oh I've got it. Haha change of plans Marcie.

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