Ask The Afro Twins

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1. Q and A 1


Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Afro Twin 1: flying

Afro Twin 2: teleportation 


Q: Who is your faveourite female actor?

Afro Twin 1: i dont have one

Afro Twin 2: ehh nah can't say i have one


Q: What is your faveourite song at the moment?

Afro Twin 1: Undressed by Kim Cesarion

Afro Twin 2: the 1975 - heart out


Q: What is your faveourite ice-cream flavour?

Afro Twin 1: chocolate and salted caramel, its so good

Afro Twin 2: i love anything that involves coffee tbh


Q: who do you look up to?

Afro Twin 1: No-one, i want to be myself

Afro Twin 2: nobody in particular


Q: whats your fav movie?

Afro Twin 1 : can't choose!!

Afro twin 2 : stepbrothers whoop


Q: What colour socks are you wearing?

Afro twin 1 : white

Afro twin 2: grey


Q: fav pizza flavour?

afro twin 1: Anything I like any pizza

Afro Twin 2: pineapple bishhh


Q: fav Lollie?
afro twin 1 : redskins or gummy bears

afro twin 2: i'm more of a chocolate person


Q: who's your fav singer?

afro twin 1 : ed sheeran probs

Afro Twin 2: shawn mendes


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