Too Stubborn Too Shy

Ciara Stevens is a North Carolina country girl. She seems pretty normal but is dying on the inside. She grew up with a secret no one knows and lived with her uncle. Her and Nash meet while their young and grow together like brother and sister. Nash has a few friends but one brown eyed sweetheart catches her eye and she catches his. Something new begins to blossom even with such terrible events that will haunt Ciara forever.


7. What You Do For Fun

Ciara's POV

"Cameron! Wake the hell up!" I heard Nash's voice. I opened my eyes to see I was lain on the couch with the blanket we had yesterday draped over me. Cameron was on the floor with hazy eyes as he peered up at Nash. I leaned over the couch to look at him as Nash pulled him off the ground. "You gotta see this, both of you." Nash turned on the TV and flipped on the new channel where a video of Cameron and I was playing. My eyes widened as I recognised the mall and the fountain. Then, the woman began to speak, "Vine star, Cameron Dallas was caught at the local mall by many fans that collected this amazing footage." My heart began to pick up speed, and I felt heat rushing to my cheeks. "In this video we see the Vine famous boy punching a man in the face before climbing into the fountain to help young basketball state champion of Davidson Day High School, Ciara Stevens, from the fountain after being shoved into it by the man. The fight allegedly started when the man and three girls began a fight with her in one of the shops." Nash looked at us confusedly before speaking. "What was going on, C?" I felt like screaming at myself. "They just didn't agree with me on few things that's all." I said it like everything wasn't a big deal. Nash sighed, knowing I would be just as stubborn as usual. I never enjoyed talking about myself, and Nash definitely knew that. "Come here." He beckoned me over to him. I lift myself from the couch and walk over to him. He opens his arms for a hug. I accept it, embracing him in relief; it was nice to have someone to care about you at the worst times. "We can talk about this later." He whispered so Cam couldn't hear us. I felt embarrassed in front of Cameron. I didn't want him to pity me, but the way his warm brown eyes stared at mine made me feel like cuddling up to him and crying. Though I knew that wasn't right. "I'm fine Nash." I laughed it off. He sighed and lightly shoved my head in a playful way. "Don't you have a shift to work today?" He asked. I shook my head, "Nope. Jordan took my shift today since he is leaving for Australia in a week." Nash smiled, "How is Jordan?" "Who's Jordan?" Asked Cameron. Nash rolled his eyes, "Ciara's emo friend who's hair defies gravity." I laughed at his answer. "I like his hair." I defended Jordan. "Are you and him... You know...-"

"No, Cameron, he's getting married." Nash laughed.

"To Vanessa." I mentioned.

"And since you're off work, you know what that means."

"No, Nash." I answer.

"It's a day out."

"No. Nash, I can't afford anything." I whined.

"I'll buy you shit. Just come with us." He whined.

"You're not buying me anything."

"Fine! But you'll come with us!"

"I hate you." I groan.

Nash cheered and to me and Cameron to get dressed. "I hope y'all didn't have sex on this couch last night!" Nash yelled after me and Cam. Cameron laughed while I cringed at those words. "C'mon, C, loosen up. He's just playing." He hooked his arm around my neck as we strolled down the hall to his bedroom. I flinched from his touch to the tender skin under my shirt. He looked at me with a concerned look, "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I just have a sunburn from working my horses the other day, and it still kind of hurts." I lied. I cover the stutter and awkwardness with laughs. He smiled, flashing his white teeth, "Okay. Let me go get your stuff. You can just sit on the bed until I'm back." He walked down the hallway while I plopped onto the couch. I looked down at my arms that were scarred, cut, and bruised from harm I've caused myself and what harm my uncle has caused. I them heard the door and tried to hide my arms by crossing them against my chest. "Thank you." I said, taking the clothes and starting towards the bathroom in the hallway, "You can change in here." Cameron said walking towards the door, "Oh no, I can use the bathroom, it's fine." I denied. He smiled down at me, "That would make me rude, do you really want to ruin my reputation like that?" I laughed at his comment, "Okay."

Cameron left the room and I was as gentle as possible to lay the warm sweater on my body along with my pants. I then walked over to the mirror and put my hair into a high ponytail when I heard a soft knock followed by Cam's voice, "Hey, can I come in?" "Yes." I said. He opened the door and looked at me with a soft look on his face. I looked down at my fingers and picked at them. Cameron cleared his voice, "Well, I guess, umm we should get going." He exited the room and I followed quickly behind him. Nash stood as we walked in, "Jack G is meeting us there." I nodded and followed them out.

"She doesn't die from the infection, Jack! That's the reason they're taking her to a doctor! They're trying to find a cure!" I said the fifth time while trying to explain The Last Of Us to Jack. "I don't get it! Why would they want to find a cure when she already is the cure?" I sighed, it was hopeless. "Ciara, sorry to bail on you, but Jack and I are going to check out this really sushi place. Cameron, you can come with us," Nash said. I hated sushi anyway. "Naw man, I'll stay with Ciara. We'll go get some burgers or whatever." Cameron answered. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Nash smirked, "Okay, see you two later." Cameron and I walked out of the GameStop and walked down the strip to look some more. "So what do you want to do?" Cameron asked. I thought for a moment; then the best idea came to me. "I have an extra pair of clothes I always keep in Nash's car. C'mon." I said pulling his arm to follow me. "Why do you need different clothes? You look beautiful in that." Cameron asked confusedly. I blushed at the comment but ignored it. "I know this really cool place I work at on occasions." I answered. I pulled out the shorts and sleeveless shirt from Nash's care and changed quickly before dragging Cameron five blocks to the south of Nash's car.

"You're into this stuff?" Cameron asked with a face of disbelief. "How could you not be into paintball?" I laughed. "Ciara, you're seriously the coolest girl I've met."

"Follow me." I giggled. I pulled him to the entrance.

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