Too Stubborn Too Shy

Ciara Stevens is a North Carolina country girl. She seems pretty normal but is dying on the inside. She grew up with a secret no one knows and lived with her uncle. Her and Nash meet while their young and grow together like brother and sister. Nash has a few friends but one brown eyed sweetheart catches her eye and she catches his. Something new begins to blossom even with such terrible events that will haunt Ciara forever.


6. Something A Little More

Ciara's POV

I hurried into the house, hoping my uncle was still sleeping from a hangover but was sadly wrong. He stood at the counter in the kitchen, a hot skillet on the stove. I just wanted to cry and run, but that wasn't a choice. "You know," he started. "I expected you to be home last night." I inhaled sharply as he walked over to my with a calm face that can fool everyone but me. "Do you know how many damn hours I was up waiting for your little ass to be home?" He spat. I flinched as he laughed, "You're pathetic." My heart was pounding out of my chest when he grabbed me by the hair and drug me into the kitchen. I kept my mouth shut though. "Someone's being quiet. Afraid, sweetheart?" My uncle threw me onto the floor, "Take off your shirt, this oughta make you talk." I shakily took my shirt in fists and pulled it over my head. I bit the fabric, knowing it would help me keep from screaming. I could hear my uncle picking the metal skillet off the burner before feeling the hot circle sear into my back. "Still not talking?" He asked. I could almost feel the smile on his face as he enjoyed my pain. He then pressed it against my skin again in a different spot. I then heard the sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his pants. He slapped it hard against me back, making a tear fall to the ground from my eyes. He laughed happily. "Now go to your room, you little piece of shit." He shoved me away with his hand. I walked to my bedroom with my shirt in my hand by my side. I opened my bedroom door and slowly closed it with a shaky hand before collapsing to the ground. I didn't move from that floor for the rest of the night.

When I woke the next morning to feel the soreness all through my body. My phone buzzed on the floor telling me had to get to work. I pulled the bathroom door open causing the pain of the burns burst through me. I whimpered and pulled myself to the window to see if my uncle was still home; luckily his car was out of the parking spot. I took a quick shower before carefully putting on my loosest sweater and jeans. I blow-dried my hair into its wavy brown mess and throw on a beanie. I pick up my skateboard on the way out and start down the road to the mall. The sun was out unlike yesterday. I showed up on time and started to work right away. It was a blur until my lunch break when I went down to the food court alone and came back with a mango smoothie and a burger. I ate at the desk and helped the few costumers. I heard snickering and peer up from my food to see three girls pointing at me. "Is there something you need?" I ask nicely. "Yeah, do you do anything instead of being a fat pig?" Said a skinny blond with tan skin. I pretended not to care and picked at the burger. "Ew, look at her. She's a roach! Those clothes are pathetic! Does she know how to dress herself?" Said a shorter girl with bright green eyes and dirty blond hair. All of them laughed while I rolled my eyes. "Look! Jason is back!" Squealed the dark skinned girl with perfect teeth. They all beckoned the tall, attractive brunette over. "Hey, what are all you doing?" He asked. "Just looking at this disgusting creature!" Said the first girl. The boy roared with laughter, "Yeah, it's pretty rare to see such a scum like that everyday. Look at it." I threw down the burger and stood up to begin walking out the store. "She's so stupid! She can't even learn to talk. Is she retarded?" Yelled the guy. At that moment, I felt like either crying or punching in a wall. I turned on my heel to face the four fags. "You know what? I may not dress like prick every fucking day of my life. And I may not be able to afford any shit hole stuff like you. But you know what? At least I'm not three sluts following one guy like puppies even though he's probably going to fuck you all, and get y'all pregnant and have eight more abortions. So call me a scum or a roach. See if I give a fuck." I then pushed passed the people who had gathered and sat on the bench beside the fountain outside of the store. I breathed deeply to clear my head. I spent a good ten minutes sitting alone when I heard voices, "Hey! Bitch!" The three girls and one guy from before. The one tan blond threw a coffee at me, soaking my sweater. "Need to clean off?" The boy spat in my face before shoving me forcibly into the fountain.

Cameron's POV

I saw a girl throw a coffee at a dark haired girl sitting beside the fountain before some guy shoved her into the fountain. I sprinted over to the fountain and tapped the guy, that was about two or three inches shorter than me. He turned around a smirk on his face, "What do you want?" I then punched him in the face with as much force as possible, "For you to learn to respect someone smarter than you." I saw the group of girls standing beside the boy, trying to help him up and clean his bloody nose. There was now a group of people surrounding the fountain as I took off my Vans and Nike socks to help the girl out of the fountain. I then noticed who it was, "C?" I asked. She nodded, trying to cover her face. "C'mon. Let's get you some dry clothes." I said, helping her onto the tile of the mall floor. People were now taking pictures and video of us. I covered Ciara's head in my chest so she didn't have to worry about the situation. "It's okay." I said. I made it out to my car and helped her in. I then drove to my house. Ciara stayed silent the whole ride. As soon as we arrived, I unlocked the door and led her to my room. "Here," I said, handing her a pair of my sweatpants and a T-shirt. "Don't look." She mumbled. I nodded and turned around. I heard her rustling around to take the clothes off. Temptation had gotten the best of me as I peeked over my shoulder to see her bare back with what looked like someone had ripped open her back repeatedly and then decided to brand round circles onto her back. I saw her peek over her should and I quickly looked away. After a few moments I heard her say I could turn back around. "Are you okay?" I asked looking at the bruises on her arms. "Yeah, I just hurt myself when I fell into the fountain." "You mean when you were shoved into a fountain." I pushed a wet strand of hair off her face softly and looked at her brown eyes that seemed to change from brown to black to red. "Where are your glasses?" I asked. "Oh," she pulled the broken pair of glasses from her pocket. "Those are pretty worthless now, I guess." She tried to laugh it off. "I'm sorry." I said and squeezed her arm softly. "It's okay, it was just a few assholes." She said. I noticed a little tear on her cheek as she wiped it quickly. "Are you sure you're okay?" I tilted her head so she'd look at me. "Yeah, just- I need to go to the bathroom." She pushed passed me with tears starting to stream down her face. Ciara closed the bathroom door behind her. I stood there staring at the white door.

Ciara's POV

I collapsed to the tile floor and leaned against the door. I let the tears just pour from my eyes while I tried to wipe them away. I was being a wimp as my uncle would tell me. I needed to toughen up and quit acting so sensitive; at least until I was away from people. I finally pulled myself together and stood up, causing a pain to shoot through my back. I felt like just collapsing to the floor again. Cameron knocked on the door, "Ciara?" He called. "C, are you okay? I'm sorry if I offended you. I-"

"It's fine- I'm fine, Cam. I just need to calm down a little." A nervous laugh fell from my mouth as the broken sentence came out. I looked at myself in the mirror; my hair was a nippy wet mess and the t-shirt revealed every bruise and scar on my arms. I felt bare. I made sure to cover the insides of my arms by crossing them against my stomach. I wasn't proud of anything about me, so I hid it as much as possible. I unlocked the door and pulled it open to cameron leaning against the door frame. He looked at my eyes with a concerned look, "I'm fine, Cam." I smiled reassuringly. "C'mon. Let's go watch a movie in the living room or something." He tugged my hand softly. I nodded and followed him out to the big living room; it was a warm and comfy-looking room with several blankets. We both sat on the floor with a big fluffy blanket that was big enough to share. It didn't bother me to sit with him under the blanket since Nash and I would do this all the time when we would hang out for movie night. We chose to watch Forrest Gump.

Cameron's POV

I sat on the floor with Ciara as the film began to play out. I could tell she was exhausted because she lazily laid her head on my shoulder during it all. Soon, she fell asleep with her head in my lap, and her body curled up close to mine. Her small hand was draped over my knee as the other laid close against her chest. I noticed the cuts on her skinny arms that beaded from her skin in long lines. My heartbeat picked up at the thought of it all. I knew I was trying to convince myself it wasn't real and that it was nothing. I pushed the thought away and began to focus on how beautiful she was. Her face was soft and innocent. Her lips were a soft pink that curled into a faint smile while she slept; she must be dreaming. I couldn't help but smile myself. Ciara was definitely more to me even though I have barely known her for a couple days.

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