Lost Without You

Luke Hemmings is happy with his love that he met in New York.. 2 years later he soon realizes that she had to move far away from Luke
What will he do?
What will he be without her
Will he try to make her stay ?

Lost without you

Coming soon....



1. New York

Luke's P.O.V

I get out of bed and realize that I am in New York for the day. I got my clothes on and headed off to time square. I guess I can do whatever I want today without the boys because they are all busy.

As I get into time square I look around and see all the bright light shining around me, it was amazing. I walk down a block on my way to a broadway show. As I walk down the street I accidentally bump into someone.

"I'm sorry I wasn't looking" I said

"It's ok I can take a hit" she replied

Those beautiful ocean blue eyes and milk chocolate hair just made my heart skip a beat. She was stunning!

"Hi, my name is Luke" I said as I shook her hand

"My name is Lana" she reply

"Do you want.. to go see a broadway show with me.?I have two tickets since my friend couldn't come because of his busy schedule" I asked nervously

"Umm .. I guess I don't go back to work T'il 6:00" she responded


We get to 55th street and walk down one block. As we get into the broadway building I notice a lot of people were couples.

"Hey Lana do you want to maybe pretend to be a couple for now?"

"Why ?"

"Well it seems everybody here are couples... So yeah"

"Fine but we're not actually dating"

Yes! I thought to myself.

(After the show)

We walk out of the building and stand in the cold rain.

"Here take my jacket" I say as I'm giving her my jacket.

"No it's ok I'm fine" she replies

"No you look cold and you'll get a cold" I say with a smirk.

As I put my jacket on her I reel her in and kissed her softly on the lips. Everything that was in my mind at that moment was. That I knew I loved her.

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