Our Magcon Surprise


2. Not so normal day...

Samii, Jaden yelled get up we have to go to school. Jaden is like my big brother even thoo we are the same age and twins. He is my big brother to me and I'm his little sister to him, anyway I yelled back and said "be ready in 20" ok hurry up we are late. I got in the shower took a 2 minute shower, did my makeup in a lazy way cause I feel lazy today, and I wore this:http://www.polyvore.com/magcon_outfit/set?id=117087246. I had to wear my Magcon shirt cause they are my lifee. I grabbed my iPhone and went downstairs, I don't eat breakfast at home I drink Starbucks.

Skip trip to Starbucks

( At school )

When I got to school Zoe and Gillian were waiting

for me while the so called "popular" girls were laughing cause that's just how they are stupid and laugh at everything. Anyway we went to class as soon as the bell rang , out first class was music which we were all in together. We had a quick meeting , then went to basketball practice. We were having to go the office instead of math class and I'm glad cause I hate math like no joke. We had to go home early because there was something in my room waiting for us because Jaden got a call and the person told him to put in my room. We just went to my house, we locked my door and there it was the moment tht we been waiting for what is it? It was tickets to LA where Magcon was gnna be ,there was a note tht said "we saw your vines and decided u should be a part if Magcon with Zoe and Gillian" " Your plane leaves tomorrow and we will pick u up" Love us here at Magcon OMFG WE R GNNA BE ON MAGCON !

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