Two directions

Emily Edwards was perfect. She had the world between her fingertips.

Yet she let her world slip away when she met him.

Suddenly a guy takes Emily's world for a spin.

He's got a dark and dangerous life.

Yet Emily feels pulled to him like nothing before.

Now she's confused.

Her family tells her to choose between the guy she needs and them.

Find out what Emily does?

Book 1


4. Sorry

I was crying when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The hand sent shocks down my down igniting every nerve in my body.

"I'm sorry. Don't cry please. I've deleted the picture." The guy embraced me as I sobbed.

In this moment I felt almost...Pulled to him.

I looked into his icy blue eyes.

They were not so icy anymore.

Instead they were like melting puddles of ice. The pull to him made me want to kiss him.

He saw the desire in my eyes and bent his head down.

I let him kiss me.

I think I lied.

My life officially changed the moment his lips touched mine.

The guy started soft at first, then got more passionate as the kiss went on.

I had no idea why he was in my house. Nor did I care.

He deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue in my mouth.

I moaned at the feeling. It was magical.

The guy dominated my mouth. I tangled my hands in his hair.

I laid back, as his hands traveled under my shirt.

His skin on mine made me moan louder.

The door swung open.

We jumped up. It was my brother Jim.

"Get the fuck off her." My brother screamed. He looked really scary in that moment.

The guy growled. "No!" Then he kissed me again. It was quick and hot. "I'll see you later." He slipped something in my hand.

Then he was gone.

I touched my lips. They felt puffy and kissed.

My first kiss? I liked it. No hell I loved it.

"Why were you with Ryan Carter?" My brother yelled me.

"I-I don't know." I answered.

"He's a player. Plus he gets in fights for no reason. Stay away from him." My brother told me.

"Yes." I lied.

Jim satisfied with that answer walked off.

I looked at the paper. A number was wrote on it. His number.

The thought sent shivers down my spin.

My mom called 'Dinner.' I walked downstairs.

My dad greeted me. My mothers pregnant belly in my face as I sat down.

I waved to my older sister Tasha. She rolled her eyes at me.

My brother sat down next.

After that we all ate what my mom served. Roast beef.

Again yum!

"So sweetheart I heard you skipped work today." My mother gave me a disappointed look.

"I just didn't feel well today." I told her.

"Oh okay. Just tell me next time, alright? Good. Now for dessert."

After dessert I went upstairs and dialed the number.

It rang for a few moments before the call picked up.

"Yes?" The deep voice answered.

I didn't answer mesmerized by his voice.

"Uh hello. Is this another stalker?"

I cleared my throat. "No. You actually get those?"

I heard a smile in his voice. "Yeah. Quite a lot, actually."

"That's...weird. How do you deal with that?"

"I don't know actually."

I smiled at all the actually's.

"So how are you?" I asked.

"I'm good. I miss you."

I giggled. "You don't even know me."

"Fine. Tell me everything about yourself. Then I'll do the same."

So we talked for hours.

Until he said he wanted to come over.

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