Two directions

Emily Edwards was perfect. She had the world between her fingertips.

Yet she let her world slip away when she met him.

Suddenly a guy takes Emily's world for a spin.

He's got a dark and dangerous life.

Yet Emily feels pulled to him like nothing before.

Now she's confused.

Her family tells her to choose between the guy she needs and them.

Find out what Emily does?

Book 1


3. pictures

When his eyes met mine again, I froze. My body was mush. I couldn't think.

I felt all eyes on me.

He walked toward the counter towards me.

My body tensed. Every muscle, and nerve was on the edge.

I tried focusing on my breathing. Yet I couldn't.

The guy walked slow, slower.....

My heart beat sped up at every move he made.

Finally he reached me.

"I would like a muffin." The muffins were behind me.

I bent over to get it when a flash went off. I searched until I found one.

I grabbed the muffin, turned and saw the guy with a phone.

I gave him his muffin. Blueberry. Yum!

He lean towards me. My breath hitched once again.

I saw the picture on his phone.

"Nice ass." He whispered making me shiver. I relished in the feeling.

Then I realized what he said.

I felt hurt. My lower lip trembled. My eyes watered.

"Uh miss I still need to pay." The guy said awkwardly.

"No need. It's on the house." I spat at him. Then I walked home not caring I was skipping work.

When I was alone I cried. And cried.

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