Two directions

Emily Edwards was perfect. She had the world between her fingertips.

Yet she let her world slip away when she met him.

Suddenly a guy takes Emily's world for a spin.

He's got a dark and dangerous life.

Yet Emily feels pulled to him like nothing before.

Now she's confused.

Her family tells her to choose between the guy she needs and them.

Find out what Emily does?

Book 1


14. Let go

I woke up with a screaming pain in my head. For a moment I was confused. I looked around. Where am I?

Then I remembered.

My family kidnapped me!

I'm in my room. Also I'm tied up to my bed post.

A door creaks open. There's my brother.

"Let me go." I yelled at him.

He shakes his head. His eyes looked tired.

I should have been concerned. But I didn't care. I just wanted Ryan.


Where was he? Was he worried?

I missed him.

I needed to get out of here. I started to squirm.

"Wait." My brothers voice froze me. "I know your going to escape. But I need to tell you something."

Jim paused taking a deep breath.

"Ryan Carter loves fame and girls. He loves fighting. So what happens when he gives it up? Think about it, Emily. Your going to lose him."

I opened my mouth to protest but nothing came out.

My brother was right, I realized as he left kissing my forehead in a goodbye.

I needed to let Ryan to live his dream. I needed to let him go.

That thought made me clutch my chest in pain.

I just couldn't keep him from what he loved most.

My brother was also right about escaping. Minutes later I hopped on the ground from my window.

I ran to my bike.

Then I got on and started to peddle. That's when the rain started.

It became like little drops of ice yet I drove on.

I finally reached the house.

I opened the door to see Ryan on top of a red haired girl.

The sight had me screaming out in pain.

Then he got up off her. His eyes were icy until they landed on me.

I wasn't the only who noticed.

The girls eyes widened at how his eyes melted towards me.

Ryan advanced towards me but I ran.

I always did that around him.

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