Two directions

Emily Edwards was perfect. She had the world between her fingertips.

Yet she let her world slip away when she met him.

Suddenly a guy takes Emily's world for a spin.

He's got a dark and dangerous life.

Yet Emily feels pulled to him like nothing before.

Now she's confused.

Her family tells her to choose between the guy she needs and them.

Find out what Emily does?

Book 1


1. I could...

I could tell you about my old life. How I was the beauty queen. Or maybe even how I was perfect.

But I'd like to tell you about him. He turned my life inside out. I was never the same.

I could say I regret giving it all up for a guy.

But that would be a load of crap. Truth is I enjoyed it. Hell I welcomed it.

I realized a little too late my decisions impacted my life. By then though I was far gone.

I wish I could tell you I put my life back together just the way it was.

But I can't.

I can't say I hate that guy. I can't deny what we had moved the world backwards.

All I can say is I was a stupid girl in love.

And paid the price for it.

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