Ammesia || Luke Hemmings

She left. That day had never ever been forgotten, but it looked like he had...


2. The Coffee Shop.

I was headed to Ashton's house for a band practice, and want really awake. I needed my daily coffee, so I made my way to the local coffee shop. It was so nice in here, and everyone was friendly. I knew everyone who went in there, and they all knew me. I pushed the door open sleepily, and was greeted by lots of people.

"Hey Luke!" People were shouting. I just smiled and returned the greeting. Everyone in the shop had said hello to me, as I ordered my coffee. Even the waitress who crushed on me. Apart from one person.

I had never seen her in here before, or anywhere else for that matter. She was sitting in the corner by the window, headphones in, with her pen in her hand, scribbling in a notebook. The first thing I noticed about her was the t shirt she was wearing, a yellow and black Nirvana Tee. I was in love already. Her hair was light brown, and was all gathered over her shoulder. She was extremely pretty. Her makeup looked like she had stepped out of photos shop, and her face was perfectly proportioned. She looked really skinny though.. Her face was thin, but her top was baggy,so I couldn't see her stomach or figure. Her arms and legs were very thin too, she just looked too breakable.. My palms started to get a little sweaty. She was making me nervous, just by looking at her.. Should I speak to her? Why not. I decided to take a chance and go talk to her. I walked up to the foot of the table and coughed a little.

"This seat taken?" I asked, as she removed one of her ear phone.

"No. Go ahead." She smiled, shoving her earphones in her pocket. She quickly packed her notebook away, and started to tap her coffee cup as she watched me sit down.

"I'm Luke Hemmimgs." I introduced myself, extending my hand.

"Skyler." She said simply returning the handshake.

"Skyler..." I urged, trying to find her second name. She just tapped her nose and I chuckled. "Never seen you around here before. You new to Sidney?" I asked her politely.

"Yeah. I moved from Perth." She smiled back. "So, Luke Hemmimgs," she grinned, leaning her elbows on the table. "I'm liking that Lip Piercing you've got going on there." She laughed,

"I'm liking your tshirt." I chuckled back. "You like Nirvana?" I asked stupidly,

"Hell yeah." She smiled widely. There was something about Skyler. She seamed very different to other girls in sidney. Just then, my name was called, and I had to go collect my drink.

"I'll see you round..Skyler." I assured her, leaving the table.

"Back at you Luke Hemmings." She laughed, taking a swig of her drink. I collected mine, and smiled to Skyler as I walked out. Woah. She was beautiful. She was so kind, and friendly. I hope I'm gonna see her again...

*Next day.*

I'd told Calum, Ash and Michael about Skyler and they all just laughed at me. I pretended to laugh along with them, but I really wanted to see her again. I could just picture her black locks cascading over her shoulder. I tried to shake it off and focus on my writing, but it was difficult. We were going back to Ashton's today, so I went Ito the coffee shop as always, half hoping to see Skyler. I walked inside and scanned the shop. Loads of people were saying hi again, and I waved politely. I had my guitar case on my back, since I decided to walk today, and this caught Masie's attention. Masie was the waitress who served me everyday without fail. Her eyes lit up when ever she saw me, and I knew she fancied me. I just shook it off.

"Morning Luke." She smiled flirtatiously. I was still looking around for Skyler, but I couldn't see her.

"Hey. Urm, usual please." I said, a little away from it. She smiled and went to get my drink ready. She moved me over to the side of the counter, so she could talk to me.

"So, you going to band practice?" She said, leaning her elbow on the counter.

"Yeah.." I said simply. "Hey. I don't suppose you know who that Skyler girl was do you?" I asked her without thinking. She looked very surprised and stood up straight.

"No. Never seen her before." She stated, looking a little jelous. I just nodded and she brought my drink over. "There you go." She said, batting her eyelashes. I smiled and made my way out. I wasn't really looking where I was going, but as I opened the door, I smacked into someone, and my coffee went all down my shirt.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" A girl said, I looked up and saw Skyler. "Luke Hemmings." she chuckled. I smiled at her. Her feeble body was hidden once again, but in her shorts, you could see a huge gap between her thighs.. "I'm realy sorry!" She said, looking down at my shirt.

"It's fine, honestly. I'm not to far from my friends house anyway" I assured her.

"You sure?" She asked, raising her eyebrows on worry. I nodded and laughed at her. She then noticed my guitar case.

"You play?" She said, leaning roun me, to peer at my guitar case.

"Yeah. I'm in a band." I smiled. She looked really interested. "Don't let me hold you up." I smiled, dropping the topic, and scooting around her.

"Oh, no. I'm okay. I don't want anything." She said, walking away from the door. I furrowed my eyebrows, but started walking towards Ashton's.

"Do you.. Wanna.. Walk with me?" I asked her shyly..

"I'd like that."

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