Ammesia || Luke Hemmings

She left. That day had never ever been forgotten, but it looked like he had...


4. "Hello Stranger."


I woke up the next morning, bright and early, ready for my first day at my new school. I really hoped Luke and his friends go to the same school. Although I was new round here, I knew Jess. She was my pen pal when I lived in Perth, and I was thrilled when I got to meet her. She told me that she was going to meet me outside the shop on the corner, since school was literally two minutes away. So, I pulled on some black high wasted jeans, a loose shoulder top, with Blink 182 on it, slipped on my converse, added a tiny bit of make up, grabbed my bag and left the house without any breakfast. I sprinted down to the corner and saw Jess standing there, smiling like an idiot when she saw me. When I reached her, I embraced her in a huge hug, and we made our way in the direction of school, which was actually visible from the little shop. 

"So, Urm.. I don't suppose if you KNOW Luke Hemmings?" I asked sheepishly as we reached the gates, 

"Corse I do. I only said 'sounds cute' to wind you up. He really is super cute! and sweet, and funny, and shy, and adorable, and just PERFECT!" She ranted a little too loudly. I laughed at her, as she escorted me to the reception to collect my timetable. I saw that I was only in a few of Jess' classes but, at least I got to see her at breaks and stuff. 

We were waiting by the lockers for Jess' other friends Hazel and Lara, when Luke and his friends walked in. Jess hit my shoulder, and me and Luke made eye contact. 

"Hello stranger..." He said happily. The other boys looked at me too then. I was about to answer Luke, when Ashton and Michael ran up to me and lifted me up, hugging me tightly. 

"PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed, laughing at the same time. When they finally put me down, I got chance to answer. 

"Hey guys." I smiled at them. I looked over at Jess, who looked like she was fang-girling a little. 

"I'm so glad you're at this school, Luke here hasn't shut up about you since you left Ash's house." Calum said, flinging his arm over Luke's shoulder. Luke blushed heavily and I laughed. Just then, two other girls walked in, and over to Jess. 

"Lara, Hazel, this is my pen pal Skyler. She's just transferred here.." She introduced us, sounding like she was holding her breath. I chuckled and hugged the girls. The bell sounded, signalling the begging on PE, which I had with Jess, Hazel and Lara, 

"See you round." Is smiled at Luke as we left the locker room. As soon as the door was closed, Jess started screaming at me. 


"Waoh! waoh! what?" Hazel said, holding her hands up. Jess scoffed and explained the whole thing to them, 

"Oh my god... He totally likes you." Lara said, raising her eyebrows at me, I just blushed a little. 

"I would ask if you liked him too, but your of the female gender, and there would be something seriously wrong with you if you didn't think he was cute.." Hazel explained, throwing an arm around me, 

"Or any of his friends for that matter." Jess stated. I just rolled my eyes at them, but the truth was, he was very very cute. Very. 


We always had first period on a monday free, and we always did the same thing, watched the girls PE lesson. Perverted I know, but we don't enjoy it in that way, we just like to watch sport. We made ourselves comfy on the grassy hill beside the field and waited for the girls to start playing. by the look of the set up, they were playing rounders.  Then I saw them. Some girls ran towards the posts, others took a slow walk. When Skyler came out though, I swear my heart stopped for a second. She wore the school Pe kit,  black shorts and white tank top, and it hugged her torso perfectly. Although it was a very small torso, it still looked beautiful. The shorts were mid thigh, but her thighs didn't even touch. Her hair was pulled into a high pony tail, with strands falling down and framing her face. 

"Jeez, I never saw how skinny Sky actually was." Ash said as he watched her too. I looked at him with a funny look, 

"Sky?" I said, and he smirked, 

"Skyler's too long." Michael stated. I rolled my eyes and looked back at her, 

"Skyler's perfect.." I muttered. They didn't hear me, and just watched as the  girls started to run around. Skyler looked pretty awkward as she stood with her back to us, guarding third post. the girls weren't really that good at hitting the ball but it was kind of cute to watch.  Suddenly, as if someone had heard my thoughts, the ball was hit right into my face, causing me to fall backwards onto the grass, and the others laughed hysterically. I sat up, holding the ball, and the bridge of my nose. Skyler came running over, to collect the ball I imagine. 

"Are you okay?" she asked sweetly, leaning down to grab the ball from my hand. 

"urm, I think so." I said, just hoping my face didn't look bad infront of her. 

"Luke, your nose is pouring. You've gotta go to the nurse or something." She said, still crouched over me. I sighed, grabbed my bag and stood up, 

"Sorry guys." I croaked, throwing my bag over my shoulder. Skyler threw the ball back, and was about to go back to her post when I grabbed her elbow, "Come with me?" i asked her. She rolled her eyes, checked no one was watching and we sprinted round the corner before we could be seen. She didn't know the way, so I lead. 

"I feel weird in just my Pe kit." She said, hugging her stomach, 

"You look perfect." I smiled over my shoulder. she blushed a little and picked up the pase, so that she was walking right beside me. I walked very quickly, because of my long legs, but she was a lot shorter. "Oh, sorry." I said, slowing myself down. She just chuckled, as we arrived at the nurse's office. 

When I was let out, I had a few pieces of tissue that she had told me to keep hold of. Skyler was waiting outside, still feeling awkward. 

"Follow me, I know a short cut to the changing rooms for you." I said, nodding my head towards the door. She stood up and followed. I lead her through some small, cramped coridoors, and almost tunel like routes until we were at the back of the changing rooms. She ran in, and was out within a few seconds, fully dressed, with her bags. 

"That was quick." I laughed. 

"What can I say." She shrugged with a smile. We made our way back out to the main coredoors, and stood, looking at the empty halls. 

"What now?" She asked, looking up at me. I thought for a moment, and decided to take a chance, 

"Maybe, we could... if you wanted to... go back to my place?" I said, really hoping she'd say yes. She looked a little shocked at first, 

"What.. just... Ditch?" She stuttered. I nodded, still waiting for a yes.. "Why not." She shrugged. 

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