Whenever I have trouble trying to write I go online and find random writing exercises to get my creative juices flowing. I have quite a lot of these mini things and I thought 'what good are they just saved on my computer' so I give to you, the public, an insight into my mind with writers block. Some of the strangest things are created and discovered in the moments when you have literally have no ideas. Hope you enjoy :D
-E x


2. Write a limerick that starts with the line 'there was a young man from Dandalk...'


There was a young man from Dundalk,

He really liked long dog walks.

he called his dog Slipper.

and give him a kipper,

that young man from Dundalk.



Took me literally 5 minutes to write. I love limericks I made one about my friend but I won't post it unless you guys want me to as it's a tiny bit rude ;D

See you later,




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