Love you not

It's been a while since jenny saw Liam.

They lead different life's now.

But what happens when something is revealed.

Jenny then sees Liam, and everything happens in the speed of light.

Book 2 of ends and beginnings.


4. Time to leave

The door opened just as I reached my high.

I was shocked to see a lady come threw the door. She looked like Liam.

Only older.

Her face had blue eyes like Liam's.

My face turned redder than a tomato.

I quickly pulled my underwear up and ran out of the room.

Stopping in a room, I tiptoed back.

"What are you doing cheating?" Liam's mother said. She sounded mad.

"Because I can." Liam shouted.

"Well what about the girl you love?" Liam's mother accused.

Liam loved Veronica? I remembered love in his eyes all those years ago.

I heard enough.

Quickly but quietly I ran to get my clothes.

I heard shouting and a door slam.

Liam appeared just as I found my pants. "What are you doing?"

"Leaving." I searched for my shirt.

"No your not." He grabbed my clothes from me .

"Yes I am. You love ver-Ahh! I screamed out from pleasure as Liam sucked on my neck.

"I've never loved Veronica."

"But your-"

"I know. But I'm only marrying her because you weren't there."

"Well I'm glad you don't have to marry her anymore." I was happy.

"No you got it wrong. I do love her. I want to marry her." Liam said.

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