Love you not

It's been a while since jenny saw Liam.

They lead different life's now.

But what happens when something is revealed.

Jenny then sees Liam, and everything happens in the speed of light.

Book 2 of ends and beginnings.


5. I like to tease you

"Come on! You don't have to go." Liam pleaded.

I ignored him, And continue to get my things.

"Jenny! Stop!" He demanded.

I continued to ignore him.

In a quick movement my back was pressed against his hard body.

He leaned in towards my ear. His warm breath send shivers down my spine.

"Jenny, Jenny. When are you ever going to learn? I was teasing you, of course. I could never love her!" I sighed in relief.

"But I still have to marry her." He continued.

I turned around to face him. "Why?"

"Why what? My dear sweet jenny." He said with humor placed in those beautiful blue eyes.

"Why do you have to marry her? Also why do you tease me?" I asked.

"Well One because our family's arranged it. Two because I love to see you pissed off."

I was suddenly aware of the bare skin that was touching.

I shoved him away. "Then I should just go now."

"Yes you should. But too bad I won't let you." With those words I was shoved against his chest once again.

Next thing I know my clothes are torn off and Liam's leaving hickeys everywhere.

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