Love you not

It's been a while since jenny saw Liam.

They lead different life's now.

But what happens when something is revealed.

Jenny then sees Liam, and everything happens in the speed of light.

Book 2 of ends and beginnings.


7. combined

I tried going, but Liam was determined to keep me.

Months went by...

But along the way I found a new friend.


She was a true friend. She wiped my tears away.

Then locked me in a suitcase to get away.

Yeah she was very weird, yet I loved her.

Liam found her somehow though, and I went back to him.

I remembered one night.

I was at his house, spending the night again.

Then I brought up the subject.

We were on lying across his bed, hold hands.

"We need to end this." I told him, looking away from his blue eyes.

"No." He told me, bluntly.

"Liam, your getting married." I said, still looking away. My eyes filled with tears.

"No! I won't let you go!" He yelled holding me into his chest.

It ripped me apart.

So I dropped the conversation, holding into him just as tightly.

It seemed I was stuck.

Liam wanted me to stay, but he was getting married soon.

Too soon.

How about tomorrow soon?


I was heading over to Liam's to say goodbye.

It wasn't going to be easy.

I mean, I loved him.

But sometimes you need to let go of the things you love.

Memories replayed over and over.

Just like Jack.

Only these were memories I wanted to keep forever.

I didn't want to let go.

I stayed up all night, sobbing my eyes out.

Kelsey patted my back, and held me.

"It's for the best honey." She had cooed to me.

I spent half of today working up my courage.

Then I drove to his house.

A few tears slipped out.

The gate opened.

My car drives in.

There was Liam, hands in his pockets on the front steps.

I got out of my car and walked to him. "We need to-"

"Talk? I know." He cut me off.

Tears filled my eyes. "We need to-"

"Break this off. Okay. Whatever." He mumbled.

He was about to walk away, when I called him back.

"Liam, don't be cold."

"Why?" He sounded defeated.

"Because I might never see you again..." I trailed off.

Liam turned around, his eyes glassy.

In that moment, I saw it.

His love for me reflected in those glassy eyes.

It was there.

It always had been.

Just as it always would be.

A tear slip out of his eye.

It made my world tumble.

I had never seen Liam cry, before.

My heart clenched in my chest.

My tears fell making my vision blurry.

We ran toward each other, and held tight.

"Goodbye Liam." I sobbed out.

"Jenny..." He trailed off. More tears fell out of his eyes.

Our tears combined.

Just like our hearts.

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