Love you not

It's been a while since jenny saw Liam.

They lead different life's now.

But what happens when something is revealed.

Jenny then sees Liam, and everything happens in the speed of light.

Book 2 of ends and beginnings.


1. memories

I was hurt.

Felt used once again. I was tired.

You might call me dumb. Or stupid. But I missed my Liam.

It had been a couple years since I last saw him.

Lately I've been sadder than usual.

I wish Liam was here to make me happy.

Then again he always makes me happy. Well used to.

That made my heart clench and constrict.

I lived somewhere in the country with my grandma. We had fun here.

I write novels. She never hassles me about a job.

But I was a little lonely. I'll admit.

I wish Liam was here.

Currently I was sitting on my bed, bitting my lip softly.

I remember the night I left him.


I was running hom-

No I don't live there anymore. Liam called my name over and over.

But I kept running. Faster and faster. My heart rate speed up with every stroke of my legs.

Finally I reached the house.

Quickly I unlocked the gate and ran inside. I picked up my already packed suitcases.

If I had left then the ache wouldn't be so bad.

Yet something did stop me.

The picture.

It made my heart stop for a moment. Too long moment.

Liam came racing in.

He paused behind me. Then I was shoved against a wall so fast I didn't even see it coming.

Without warning Liam's lips crashed onto mine. I responded.

Our tongues mingled together. Clothes were thrown across the room.

Before I knew it we were skin to skin. Nothing between us.

My breast lightly touched his chest, as he laid me down softly on the bed. Never breaking eye contact.

Like a magnet our mouths were brought together.

We kissed furiously, frantically.

Me and Liam made love that night. Not gentle either. We held onto another like we were going to die.

Afterwards we held each other tightly, not speaking.

I let tears fall softly onto my cheeks.

When Liam fall asleep I grabbed my bags. I was about to leave when I paused on the Paris picture again.

I quickly shoved it in my bag.

Then leaned down to Liam. I kissed his cheek letting a tear fall.


I still have the picture. Somehow it wasn't as easy as burning jack things.

It was far more. The picture said a million things at once to me.

I curled into a ball on my bed in my blankets,Tightly clutching the picture.

Then I let the tears fall once again.

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