poetry lives.

This is a book full of . Poems I have written! I hope you like it! Enjoy! :3


2. A Murderer's Wife

 There is a man that is devoured by my love,

Yet he has planned something horribly tragic.

He looks as sweet and as kind as a dove,

Yet it seems he was born in a pot of evil magic.

There is a woman already in his trust,

He thought to treat her heart like a beast. 

Yet he has planned to do what he must,

He has decided to perish the woman he loves least.

I begged him not to do the heinous crime,

For it would cause a most terrible part.

He said he'd rather squirt into his eye the juice of lime,

Yet he had to do it or it would break his heart.

He did what was said and tears came to my eye,

For he was caught and sentenced to die.


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