My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


8. Chapter 8

After school, I go to the gym and all the lights are off. "Zayn?!" I shout and I am hit on the head and I fall. Someone picks me up by my hair and lifts me up. I am undressed, down to my undergarments and I am tied up. The lights are turned on and the stands are filled with the whole school and they all start laughing at me. Zayn and Dawn and some other people are standing in front of me, each of them have some eggs in their hands. "What?!" I shout, tears filling my eyes. "This is what you get, do you seriously think I am going to be friends with a freak like you?" Dawn asks and she throws an egg at my stomach and it breaks. I bite my lip. "I never did anything to you!" I shout and she laughs. "No but Liam, slept with me, so I am filing for rape." She says and everyone in front of me starts throwing eggs at me. They soon run out of eggs and I look at Zayn and him and Dawn are making out. The school leaves, some throwing things at me, others laughing. Dawn walks up to me and slaps me across the face. "Bye freak." She says, grabbing Zayn's hand and leaving. I move my hands, realizing now, how loose the ropes were. I get up, putting on my clothes and I go outside. "Oh my gosh Emma! Are you okay?!" Liam exclaims and I wrap my arms around him and cry on his chest. "What happened?" He asks and I push away from him. "You told me you didn't sleep with Dawn!" I exclaim and he looks confused. "I didn't." He says and I roll my eyes. "She told me you did and she is filing for rape." I say, wiping away my tears. "I didn't do anything to her! I promise, I wouldn't lie to you Emma!" He exclaims, trying to grab me but I back away. "Just take me home." I say but he shakes his head. "Not until you believe me." He says but I shake my head. "Liam, she told me!" I exclaim and he rolls his eyes. "She also lied to you, pretended to be your friend, and probably had something to do with the egg shell in your hair." He says and I sigh. "Her and Zayn are the ones who did this." I say and his clenches his jaw. "Zayn, the one who took you on a date?" He asks and I nod. "That motherfucker." He says and he grabs my hand and leads me back inside the school. He goes to the principal's office and sits me on the bench outside. "This will only be a minute." He says and I nod.
Liam's POV
I throw open the principal's door and a large white haired man in a suit is packing up his briefcase. "Principal Wheatley?" I ask and he nods. "Who are you?" He asks and I smile. "I'm Liam Payne, I am Emma Stewart's step dad." I say and he nods. "Oh, hello." He says and I nod. "Are you aware of what just occured in your gymnasium?" I ask but he shakes his head. "No, what happened?" He asks and I roll my eyes. "Of fucking course you don't know what happened, you were too busy trying to leave!" I exclaim and he jumps. "Mr. Payne, calm down." He says but I shake my head. "Emma just fucking got publicly humiliated by your students." I say and he sighs. "I will talk to them." He says and I roll my eyes. "That is not enough! They need to be punished, she didn't deserve what she got." I say, going to the door. "Babe, come here." I say and Emma gets up, walking in. "Tell him what happened." I say and she nods. "Zayn Malik invited me to the gym because he said there was a basketball game tonight after school, so I accepted, forgetting that basketball season is over. I get there and it is dark and I am attacked, undressed, and tied up. The lights come on and the whole school is in the stands, laughing at me. Zayn and Dawn are standing in front of me with a few other people and they all have eggs. She starts saying things about how she'll never be friends with a freak like me and then her and Zayn and the other threw eggs at me. After that was over everyone left and they kissed and left." She explains and I put my hand on her back. "I didn't see it so therefore it didn't happen." He says and I stare at him. "She has eggshells in her hair!" I exclaim and he shrugs. "I'm sorry." He says and I send Emma out and I walk up to him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt. "Listen here, Emma is an innocent girl, she doesn't deserve what she got." I say through gritted teeth. "I'm sorry Mr. Payne but I have to witness it." He says and I punch him in the nose. He grabs his nose and I let him go. "Fuck you." I say, turning and leaving. I clench my fists and unclench them. "I have a feeling you won't be coming to this school anymore." I say, grabbing her hand and pulling her out to my car. 
Emma's POV
We pull up to the house and I leave my bag in the car and get out. "Sorry if I got anything on the seats." I say and he shrugs. "It's fine." He says and I smile. I go inside and quickly go up to my room. I grab some sweat pants and a black tank top and my undergarments, going to the bathroom. I take a shower, making sure to get out all of the shells out of my hair and I go over the events that just happened and cry. I get out, drying off and putting on my clothes. I leave, leaving my hair messy and I sit in the living room. "Your mum is going out with some friends." Liam says and I nod my head heavily. I lie down and cover my face. "Love, come on, if it helps, I punched your principal." He says and I look up at him. "Really?" I ask and he nods. I smile and he pinches my cheek. "There is pizza on the way." He says and I smile wider. "Yay!" I exclaim, sitting up. He sits next to me and wraps his arm around me. He kisses my head and I lean against him. "Thank you for making me feel better." I say and he squeezes me. "That's what i'm here for." He says and I look at him. I kiss his stubbly cheek and I giggle. "Why are you giggling?" He asks and I laugh. "Your cheek is stubbly and tickles. He smirks brings his head closer, rubbing his cheek on mine and I laugh. I lie back and he climbs on me, rubbing his cheek on me and I laugh. The doorbell rings and I push him off. I go to the door and he follows me. I open the door and a lady in a Pizza Hut outfit is standing there. She hands me the pizza and Liam pays her. "You two are the cutest couple." She says, smiling and I glance at Liam. "Him and I-." He cuts me off and smiles at her. "Thank you, have a nice night." He says, closing the door. "What the?" I say and he laughs and I slap his chest. I go to the kitchen and set the box on the table. I grab two plates and set them on the table. I put a slice on both plates and go to the living room where he is. "Here." I say and I sit next to him. "Yum!" He says and I laugh. I sit down and cross my legs and put the plate in my lap. I pick up the slice and eat it.
After we eat, we sit in the living room and watch movies. "No, I can't watch scary movies, they give me nightmares." I say and he sighs. "Fine, what do you want to watch?" He asks and I shrug. "A comedy." I suggest and he nods. He puts it in the DVD player and he sits in front of me. I play with his hair and wait for the movie to come on. Vampires Suck appears on the screen and I laugh. "I lovee this movie." I say and he smiles and presses play. About halfway through the movie, my eyes start to get heavy and I stop playing with Liam's hair. He looks at me and smiles. He leans over and kisses my forehead. I close my eyes and yawn before going to sleep.

Authors Note

Who else had that Frozen/Hans betrayal about Zayn lol. He is so sweet, I just wanna, smack him in the face!! Lol like for more :) -Over&&Out

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