My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


5. Chapter 5

After school I walk outside but Liam's car isn't there yet. So I sit on the steps and wait for him to arrive. "You waiting for someone?" I look up to see the jock and most popular boy of our school, Zayn Malik. "Y-yeah." I stutter out, mentally cursing myself. "I'll wait with you." He says and sits down next to me. "Thanks." I say and he smiles. "I know we don't talk much but I wanted to know if we could hang out and go to the fair." He says and I think about it for a second. "I will have to check with my mom." I say and he nods. "Here's my number." He says, writing it on my hand. Liam's ferarri pulls up and he gets out, his phone to his ear. Zayn jogs off and I go down the steps and go to the ferarri and Liam opens the door. "Yeah, I will be by to pick you up, I have to take Emma home." He says and closes the door when I am inside. He goes around to the other side and gets in. He puts on his seat belt and so do I. He pulls off, already having the car started. He pulls his phone away from his ear and looks at me. "That was your mum, we are picking her up and then going home." He says and I nod. "How was school?" He casually asks and I shrug. "I got asked out." I say and he doesn't smile. "Really? By who?" He asks and I smile. "Zayn Malik." I say and he nods. I glance at him and he is clenching his jaw. The rest of the car ride we stay quiet. 
We get to my mom's job and she is standing outside. "Get to the back." She demands and I climb from my seat, brushing Liam's arm on accident and sit behind her, putting my seatbelt on. She climbs in, kissing Liam on the lips for a long time. I shudder, looking outside the window and he pulls off as soon as she shuts the door. "So baby, how was your day?" My mom asks Liam and he shrugs. "Normal day, how was yours?" He asks and she shrugs too. "Same but now I am with you." She says, leaning over and biting on his earlobe. "Please, not in front of Emma." He says and I look up. "Oh, who cares." She says, kissing his neck. She kisses his bicep and her hand goes to his thigh. I shudder in disgust and look back out the window.
We arrive home and I wait for her to get out and she does but doesn't push up her seat. Liam also gets out and she pins him against the back door, kissing him. After their make out session she goes inside after whispering something in his ear. He pushes up his seat and extends his hand. I reject it, climbing out and going inside. I go up to my room and start to get ready for my date.

Authors Note

Hello lovelies!! Be expecting a quick chapter tomorrow :) I already have chapter 6 typed out but I want you to have an update tomorrow too. -Over&&Out


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