My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


45. Chapter 45

I pick at the wall, the paint chipping and I close my eyes. Harry floods through my brain and my mother, my father and my aunt. I open my eyes, my heart becoming heavy and my eyes glistening. I let out a shaky breath as I lean my head back. The more I think about all I lost, the more my heart hurts. I lost everyone because of the man holding me here. He is insane, claiming he loves me. He is incapable of love, only murder. The door flies open and he has a giant grin on his face. "What?" I ask, confused and terrified at the same time.
"We can finally be together." He says and I stand up, cowering back.
"What are you talking about?" I ask and he comes closer, encircling me into a hug and I push him back shakily.
"Your mum." He says and I narrow my eyes. "Haven't you heard? It's all over the news." He says and I glare at him.
"No, sorry I haven't gotten my usual updates." I say sardonically and he cups my cheeks and I try to move back but he holds me in place.
"Your mum is dead." He says and I stare at him. "We can finally be together, she is out of the way." He says and my mouth falls open.
"Did you kill her too?! You psycho!" I scream in his face and his hands drop and I cower back again. "Eliminating everyone so I have no one but you?!" I shout and he is quiet, watching me. "Answer me!" I shout, a sob causing my throat to crack.
"No Emma, I didn't kill your mother, the bitch killed herself, probably figured out that I never loved her, it was you, always you." He says, smiling and looking at me. "She knew from the moment you were born that you were going to be more beautiful than she ever was. It's quite funny how much alike you are to Snow White." He says and I narrow my eyes. 
"Are you completely mental?!" I shout and he strides up to me.
"Love makes you do and think crazy things Emma." He says, gripping my wrists. 
"Stop saying stuff about love! I am your victim, another person you are going to kill off!" I shout and he only laughs.
"Well baby, you know how the saying goes, if I can't have you then nobody can." He says and I spit in his face.

Authors Note

THE END IS NEAR! Just a few more chapters! -Christyxx

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