My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


44. Chapter 44

Emma's POV

I stare at the floor, counting the seconds that tick by, each one slower than the last. My tears have long gone since dried up, all I can do is think, plan, and wallow. I take deep breaths and they come to a halt when I hear the lock turn. I look at my lap, blinking my puffy eyes a few times so I can see better. Liam walks in and I glare up at him. "Oh love, you really need something to drink." He murmurs. My lips are dry, my throat is parched but I refuse to take anything from him.
"I would much rather die than accept anything from you." I voice my thoughts, my voice hoarse and hurting my throat.
"Love, I hate seeing you like this." He mutters and I glare at him.
"If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be in this situation." I whisper, wearily staring him down.
"You are treating this like I am keeping you captive." He says and I widen my eyes.
"Does it look like I am here by my own free will?" I ask sarcastically and he smiles.
"There's the Emma I know and love." He says, his face becoming serious. He presses his palm to my cheek and I yank my head away. "Please drink and eat something." He whispers, stroking my cheek.
"If I had enough saliva, I would spit at you." I retort and he sighs.
"Please and then we can get you into the shower." He says and I glare at him. 
"Untie me." I say and he watches me. "Untie me so I can wash myself." I say but he still doesn't look convinced that I won't go running off. "Untie me so I can eat." I whisper which gets him into gear because the next thing I know he is untying my hands and I rub my wrists. I get up and he follows suit, staying close to me. "Water." I choke out, looking at him and he nods. He grabs the bottle from his cart and thrusts it into my palm and I try to open it but I struggle.
"Let me see it." He grabs it gently from my hands and untwists the cap and hands it to me. I drain the bottle, breathing heavily after and handing it to him. I eat the sandwich he brought in with him and I can't help but moan with satisfaction, my stomach makes noises of approval and I sigh.
"I need to shower." I state and he nods.
After my shower and the awkward exchange of him giving me his clothes to wear. I am back to the bedroom that he stowed me away in. I watch him as he moves about the room. "I don't know what you think is going to happen Liam but it isn't going to be the reverse factor, this isn't going to be some sort of Stockholm syndrome where I fall for my captor because there is no chance in hell." I say and he looks at me.
"I just want to regain your trust again so you can see how much I truly love you." He says and I look out the open door.
"This isn't love Liam, this is an obsession." I say and he smacks the wall and glances at me over his shoulder.
"I guess you don't know what love is." He says, going to the door and leaving, slamming it behind him.

Authors Note

I made a song reference because I am cool like that ;) um, I am trying to finish the book by tonight or tomorrow night so giving you a heads up! I lerv you all who have been waiting patiently or even impatiently, it gives me hope and I love you so much! So um yeah! I know it is kind of a crappy place to end it but yeah! -Christyxx

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