My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


41. Chapter 41

Heather's POV

I wake up and my head aches. I reach up to try and feel where my head hurts only to find my hands taped together. That little bitch. I hear the wailing of sirens and try to get up but my legs are taped together so as soon as I get to my feet, I fall over. "Fuck!" I shout, trying to get up again. I get to my feet and start hopping from the room just as the door bursts open.
"Don't move!" An officer shouts but I only struggle hopping to get to the back door. I trip and fall again and try to squirm away.
"I AM GOING TO KILL HER!" I shout as the officers flood into my house.
"Don't make me use this!" A woman officer's voice shouts but I ignore her, trying to squirm faster. An electrocution suddenly makes me jerk around before I stop moving entirely. My vision becomes blurry and I blink a few times even though the dizziness is taking over my mind. I close my eyes, the ache in my head intensifying and I fall unconscious once again.
I wake up, no recollection of where I am, I look around. "Liam?" I call, holding my head. I look up, my eyes focusing in, I am in an all white room, no windows, only a door with a peek hole. "Where am I?" I ask and the door opens and a uniformed officer is standing there.
"Heather Stewart, come with me." He says in monotone and I hesitantly get up and walk out of the room, following him. There are tons of doors with people behind them, some are bars and people are banging on them. 
I am lead to a room with a large window and on the inside is a long table with four chairs and a lamp on the ceiling. We walk in and I sit down on one side and the officer stands by the door. "Wait here." He says and then exits the room. I look down to my cuffed wrists and I look back up at the wall. Why am I here?
"Mrs. Stewart?" I look up and a man in a suit walks in, he has a beard and salt and pepper hair. "My name is Detective Vargas." He says, sitting across from me. "Would you like some coffee or anything?" He asks but I shake my head.
"Just tell me why I am here, I haven't done anything wrong." I say, crossing my arms. 
"Ma'am, do you remember anything?" He asks and another voice fills your mind.
"Heather, Heather, you killed me!" It sounds like Jeff's voice, I gasp and the detective looks at me.
"Jeff?!" I shout, causing the detective to jump back a bit.
"Mrs. Stewart? Are you okay?" The detective asks but I am looking around me rapidly.
"Jeff?!" I shout again, jumping up and waving my cuffed wrists around.
"You killed me Heather, you killed your own husband. You heartless bitch!" His face suddenly pops up and I start screaming, running toward the corner of the room and cowering in it.
"Mrs. Stewart. Do you need some coffee? You are probably exhausted with stress." Detective Vargas starts to approach me and his face morphs into Jeff's and I start screaming again.
"Jeff! Please! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to!" I shout, screeching, causing him to back off slightly.
"Mrs. Stewart, calm down it's just me." Vargas starts to become Vargas again and I nod. 
I am taken back to my cell and locked in a single cell, the same one I was in before and I cower in the corner, afraid of seeing Jeff again. Am I going insane?

Authors Note

Yes, she is, just saying, I thought I would give her an edge, you know? I hope you like it! I know I am an asshole that didn't update for a while but I hope this makes up for it? I will try to make a second update sometime this week but no promises, between school and me reading After (OMFG THAT SERIES IS AMAZING!) I have been busy and I am so sorry for neglecting you all, btw, I just got my ears pierced, totally unrelated but I just thought I would share that with you since I am a 16 year old that just NOW got her ears pierced... I am a loser, I know, anyways, please look at my newest mumble if you would please and thank you all for the reads despite my inactiveness! It means a lot. I lerv you all! All the love ;) -Cxx

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