My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


40. Chapter 40

"You?" I ask and she frowns, running her hand through her hair. She glares at Liam before looking at me.
"Yes." She says and I just stare at her. I look at the ground and shake my head and then look back up at her.
"But why?! He was your husband!" I shout and she rolls her eyes.
"Stop being so dramatic!" She exclaims and I lift my eyebrows.
"How the hell isn't it supposed to be dramatic?! You killed my father you heartless bitch!" I shout and she lunges at me again but Liam catches her, a low growl coming from his throat.
"Liam what is wrong with you?! She is a child! I am a real woman!" My mom shouts and he rolls his eyes and throws her to the floor.
"I only got with you to get to her." He says and she kicks his leg.
"I can't believe you wanted to kill me! You piece of shit!" She shouts, kicking him again and this time he falls.
"Stop it!" I shout and they both look at me. "Get away from each other because I want some fucking answers!" I shout and Liam moves toward me and I stare at my mother. "What could have been the reason for your sadistic twisted ass to kill my father before I even got the chance to bond with him?" I ask as calmly as I can. 
"He was cheating on-." I grip the bridge of my nose and glare daggers at her.
"Tell me the whole story, leave out no parts." I say, sitting on my bed, followed by Liam. She rolls her eyes and pulls a chair to her and sits down.
"It all started when we first got together. I brought him home to my parents only to find out that they don't like him. They thought I could do better than him." She says, looking at Liam. "I tried so hard for them all to get along but it just never happened. Eventually my parents and I just iced each other out." She says, shaking her head. "I resented my mother while I was married to Jeff." She says, laughing and shaking her head again. "I wasn't happy for a long time because of her, this wasn't the first relationship she ruined." She says. "She has made me feel so bad about myself since I was little, it was always about Gemma." She says. 
"So, you killed dad because of... Grandma?" I ask and she glares at me.
"You don't know what it's like trying to win your mother's affection your whole life, it drives you mad, mentally and physically." She says and I laugh.
"I don't know what it's like?! I grew up being beaten by you and I thought it was because dad was killed but no it was because of your unhealthy obsession with trying to please your mother!" I shout and she gets up.
"I don't have an unhealthy obsession, my mother is a monster." She says and I roll my eyes.
"You are no victim! She never abused you, I have to walk on eggshells in fear of being hit by a crazy woman!" I exclaim and she begins crying.
"Oh grow up!" She exclaims and I get up.
"You are crazy." I say, walking out of the room.
"What are you doing?!" She shouts and I run down the stairs.
"I am calling the cops." I say and I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I dial 911 just when I am tackled and I start struggling as she jumps on me and then I hear someone talking in the phone. "SHE'S TRYING TO KILL ME!" I shout, wondering where Liam is.
"You piece of shit! You should have never been born!" She shouts, wrapping her hands around my neck. 
"Help!" I cough out, kicking at her and punching her in the chest. I kick her off and get up quickly, I go into the kitchen and grab the duct tape and run out to her, tying her hands together and ankles together. I hit her with the phone as she begins to move and she falls backwards, unconscious. I start yelling gibberish into the phone as I run up to my room, I tell them my address just as the phone is knocked out of my hands. A rag is put over my nose and mouth and it is damp with some sort of chemical. The room becomes blurry and I start to become limp.
"I am going to take you away from all of this." A soft voice says in my ear just as I fall unconscious.

Authors Note

Tell me what you think of this chapter, I know it isn't very informative but I hope it gives you some sort of idea of why she did it! Um, tell me what you think and if you could, check out my newest mumble, thanks -Christyxx

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