My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


39. Chapter 39

I slam the door closed behind me, not even worrying about the tea. I go over to my window and throw it open just as my door is thrown open. "What do you think you are doing?!" My mouth screeches and I gasp as she yanks me back. My head bounces off of the floor when she lets go and I squeeze my eyes closed. 
T-the better question is w-what you ar-e doing." I say but she smacks me across the face, not helping with the dizziness. I try to get up but she kicks me over and then kicks me in the stomach. I cough loudly and I hug my stomach. My mom goes to hit me again but it never lands. I open my closed eyes and I look around and find my mom pinned to the floor by Liam. "What the hell?" I whisper, trying to get up.
"What do you think you are doing?!" Liam shouts at my mom who is bewildered below him. I try to get up but I only fall back down. "Are you crazy?!" He shouts in her face and he gets up, leaving her there, dazed and comes over to me. 
"D-don't touch me." I say but he picks me up anyways and then takes me over to my bed, laying me down.
"If you hadn't kept the evidence and burnt it like you were supposed to then maybe she wouldn't have caught me!" My mom shouts and I blink my eyes a few times. My head begin to throb less and less until I am finally able to sit up.
"Don't ever touch her again." Liam says and my mom watches him, her eyes narrowed. 
"Mom, why were you burning it?" I ask, getting up and moving away from them both.
"Yeah, Heather, why don't you tell Emma here why?" Liam smiles and I look at him and then her. 
There is a silence that falls over us and I watch her. "Liam killed your father." She says and I watch her and Liam looks at me.
"Are you actually going to believe her?" He asks and I look at him, looking over his head. 
"Why should I believe you?" I ask, narrowing my eyes at him and he steps toward me and I step back.
"I would never lie to you, I love you." He says and I clench my fists.
"What?!" My mom exclaims and he looks back at her. "What are you talking about?!" She shouts and I look between both of them. 
"That's right Heather! I love her!" He shouts and my eyes widen. She narrows her eyes and lunges at me but is tackled by Liam. I cower backward, watching as he holds her back.
"How could you do this to me Liam?!" She shouts, tears filling her eyes. 
"It was never you Heather, it has always been Emma. Ever since I babysat her!" She makes a face, as well as I do but he continues. "I had to be booted from her life because of Jeff's death and every moment I spent away from her, killed me a little more inside. This was supposed to be a quick job, I didn't think I had to get engaged to an old woman." He says and she gasps and pushes away from him.
"O-old woman? You said I w-was beautiful!" She shouts and he laughs.
"I had to bite my tongue so I didn't laugh." He says cruelly and he turns to me. "It was always you, I slowly tried to seduce you and make you feel comfortable with me again but your mother crushed every sort of trust you could ever have for anyone." He says, shaking his head and looking at my mom again. "You are a sick woman Heather, how could you crush something you made?! She is a perfect human being!" Liam shouts and I step back.
"Liam, no." She whispers, tears streaking her cheeks.
"All I wanted was Emma, I was just going to kill you, Heather and then save Emma from the deep depression by taking her away to a better place but then Harry had to come in and tell Emma about my past and then she lost her trust in me." He says and I put my hand over my mouth.
"I can't believe you killed Gemma! You are a sick bastard!" I shout, shaking my head and putting my other hand over my stomach. "So why did you kill Harry? Is it because he told me about that?" I ask, the tears falling down my cheeks. "Huh?!" I shout and he looks at me.
"He was in the way!" He shouts and I wipe my eyes.
"I hate you so much! My only brother! You piece of shit!" I shout, sliding down the wall, sobbing loudly.
"I did it for us!" He shouts and I clench my fists again.
"You hurt me because you thought it would make me love you back?! What kind of sick plan is that?!" I shout and he frowns. 
"I can't believe you!" My mom shouts and he looks at her. "You are just like Jeff!" She shouts and I wipe my eyes.
"I am nothing like Jeff, Heather!" He shouts and I watch him and then look at her.
"You can't just love me! Just like he couldn't!" She shouts and he smirks.
"So is that why you killed him?" Liam asks and her eyes widen.
"I didn't kill him!" She shouts and he narrows his eyes.
"Heather!" He shouts and I watch both of them.
"What the hell are you talking about?! It was you Liam! The box with the pictures were with your stuff! One of the pictures has my dad's face cut out!" I say and he laughs.
"Such a clever way to cover it up." He says, looking at my mom.
"What are you talking about?" I ask, looking at my mom. "What is he talking about?" I ask and she glares at him. 
"It wasn't him who killed Jeff." She says and takes a deep breath before letting it out and looking at me. "I killed him." She says and I gasp.

Authors Note

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THE BIG REVEAL! I don't feel like it is big enough but oh well, I still hope you like it!!! Um, comment below what you think and I lerv you!! -Christyxx

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