My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


38. Chapter 38

Emma's POV

I stay outside, kneeling next to his grave, staring down at it. That piece of shit, I hate him so much.
I get up and walk inside, wiping my eyes and going up to my room. I just sit by my window and stare outside at the dull grey sky. I don't know where my phone is. I can't even tell Anne that her grandson is dead. I run my hand through my hair as I let the salty tears slip down my cheeks. I can't believe Liam did that! It's my fault. Emma, it's your fault, you killed your own brother. The tears fall faster and I blink them away. My soaked hair clings to my cold skin so I grab a thin blanket and drape it over my shoulders. The worst part is, I have to clean up his blood... I shake my head, basically yanking my hand through my hair. I bite my lip to hold back a sob and stare at my dreary reflection through the window and I reach out and press my hand to the cool glass. I look down and notice a car parked outside. I squint to get a better look but the car's windows are tinted and it's too dark out to see anything, let alone, inside a car. I wipe at my cheeks as I walk away from the window and plop onto my bed. I lie down and stare at my white wall into I eventually slip into unconsciousness.
'You look so precious'. 'Such an angel'. 'Everything was torn apart'. I jump awake as I hear those words in my ears. I look around, squinting against the darkness. I get up and hug the thin blanket around my shoulders again and wander downstairs. The wood is cool beneath my feet and there is a quiet padding sound as my feet walk across it. I go into the kitchen to make myself a hot cup of tea when I see a light. Mom must be personally telling Harry goodbye. I put the kettle on the stove after filling it and then turn on the stove and I move toward the back door. The back door is open, letting a cool breeze in through the screen door. I rest my hand on the handle and turn it quietly so I don't scare my mother. I lightly push open the door just far enough for me to peek out and my eyes meet a flickering glow of a lit fire. I gasp, covering my mouth quickly. My mom didn't seem to hear as she did not look behind her, at me. I watch her throw things into the fire and she is muttering something. "I told him to get rid of these." I hear her say and I narrow my eyes. I try to see what she is throwing into the fire but she is blocking it with her whole body. So many questions are swirling through my head like 'why is she up this late?' or 'what is she burning?', I am not sure whether I should go up to her or just forget about it and go back to bed. Before I can even make my decision the kettle begins to whistle and my mom's head shoots up and turns toward me. Her eyes widen and she tries to angle and hide what she is burning but I catch a glimpse of what it is and my eyes widen as big as hers. I step back, letting the door slam close in front of me and she begins to start walking toward me and I bolt up the stairs to my room. She was burning the box that I found in Liam's room, why would she be doing that?

Authors Note

I am writing this at 4 AM but I am posting it later so if there are any mistakes or it is just a crappy chapter then that's why and I do apologize for it being so short, I hadn't really planned much for this chapter, it is sort of a filler, um, I sort of have my next chapter figured out and there will be more action ;) lerv you and thank you all so much for how much attention this book is getting, I didn't ever think it would be this popular especially with all the known mistakes so thank you! You don't know how much I appreciate that! -Christyxx

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