My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


35. Chapter 35

Harry's POV

"Em?! Hello! Em? Don't ignore me!" I shout, trying to get her to answer me. "I know you are there! You need to leave!" I shout, listening intently. A door slams closed and then I hear new voices, I am about to hang up but then I recognize Liam's voice. I don't hang up just yet, just in case.
"I can't believe it!" I hear a woman's voice and I recognize it as my mom's.
"Honey, it's fine, we could eat here or, I could eat something just as sweet." Liam's voice carries through to the phone and I pull the phone away from my ear, covering my mouth. I hesitantly put the phone back to my ear. 
"Oh Liam!" I hear my mom say and I throw my phone at my bed and cover my ears. 
"OH MY GOD EW!!" I shout, shaking my head. I start pacing and holding down my vomit, trying to get that noise out of my ears.
I finally get enough guts to put my phone back to my ear about 15 minutes later and am glad to hear silence. I suddenly hearing a beeping noise from the other side of the line and I flinch. Suddenly there is a rustling sound and I wait. "Well, well, well." Liam's voice says and I widen my eyes, staying silent. "Hello Harry, so nice of you to call." He says and I take a deep breath.
"Liam." I say quietly, narrowing my eyes at the very sound of his name.
"Whose phone is this?" He asks, laughing quietly.
"Isn't this yours?" I ask, feigning innocence and he laughs again.
"This is Emma's phone, isn't it?" He asks and this time I laugh. "What is it doing in my bedroom?" He asks and I roll my eyes.
"How would I know?" I ask, choosing my words carefully.
"What was she doing in my room?" He asks and I laugh.
"I don't know, is there something you are hiding?" I ask, looking out of my window.
"Of course not, I would never hide anything from her." He says and I narrow my eyes again.
"Do you have some sort of obsession with Em?" I ask, running my hand through my hair.
"No, I just want her to trust me." He says and I roll my eyes.
"Well she doesn't." I say.
"That's because of you, you lied to her." He hisses and I laugh.
"I never lied, I told her the bold truth because I am man enough, unlike you." I say and he starts laughing.
"You messed it up! You asshole! You messed it all up and now certain actions have to be taken." He says and I furrow my brows.
"What are you talking about?" I ask.
"I can't have her not trusting me, oh no, that won't do, you ruined my plan so now I have to do something about it." He mutters.
"DON'T YOU DARE-." I am cut off as the call ends and I jump up. "If he hurts her, I am going to kill him!" I exclaim, gathering up some of my stuff and racing to my car. I jump and start the car, peeling from the driveway. I try to call back but I think her phone died. I am coming to save you from a mad man Em. 

Authors Note

So, this is sort of how the conversation led to what happened in the last chapter. Lerv you, I hope you liked this! -Christyxxx

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