My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


26. Chapter 26

The next morning I wake up and sit up. Harry is sitting up, his back against the wall and his eyes closed. I shift and my bed creaks and his eyes pop open. He looks at me and I smile slightly. "Hey Emma." He says in his morning voice. I get up and grab some clothes. "I am going to take a shower real quick and then we will leave." I say and he nods. I close my door behind me and turn and bump into someone. I look up and my heart stops, Liam is looking down on me, his brown eyes dark. "Hi Emma." He says and I bite the inside of my cheek. He smiles and I walk around him, my heart speeding up and I go to the bathroom. I turn and peek out through the door and he is staring at me. I slam the door closed and lean against it, breathing heavy. 
Harry's POV
I get up after Emma leaves and change, putting on some cologne since I already took a shower early this morning. I put on my boots just as I hear someone open the door. "Ready Em-." I am slammed against the wall and I wince at the impact. I open my eyes and am staring into two dark, intense brown eyes. "You just had to ruin this for me, didn't you?" He asks, his forearm closing in on my windpipe, making it harder for me to breathe. "What?" I squeak out, putting my hands on his arm. "I was perfectly happy without them knowing anything from my past and then you come in and spill it and probably not even telling the truth just so you could make me look bad." He growls and I try to pry his arm away but it doesn't work. "No, listen to me, you are going to forget that this happened and you are going to tell Emma that you were lying." He says, stepping back and pulling his arm away from my throat. I take a long intake of precious air and glance up at him, my hand on my throat. "And if I don't?" I ask hoarsely, rubbing my throat. He smiles wickedly and I grimace inwardly. "If you don't, I will kill you, and Emma." He says and I just stare up at him, feeling the breath I was already struggling to catch become more difficult. Great.

Authors Note

Yassss!!!!! I has updated, it finally let meeeee!!!!! Soooooo bum bum bum!!!!! And I have some really cool pictures I want you to see courtesy of Axymous and she has the special 'X's behind and in front of her name but yeahh lol. BUT it won't let me put them in here so I will try on the next chapter! -Over&&Out


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