My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


22. Chapter 22

"T-this can't be true." He says, shaking his head, his curls sticking to his forehead from the perspiration sliding down his face. "It's a fucking gun Harry!" I exclaim and he looks at me. "How would she kill him if she was here with me." He says and I shrug. "That's the fact that I am still fuzzy about." I say and I sit down on the couch, already had put the gun back. "Then it's settled, she didn't kill him." He says but I shake my head and lean forward, towards him. "Harry, as much as you want to dismiss this, she is a suspect-." He cuts me off angrily. "This isn't a police investigation! I have known her for so long, I know she could never kill anybody!" He shouts, standing up. I get up as well, standing on the table to match his height. "Harry! There could be a side to her you never knew about! The first day I got here, she told me how much she hated him, how they argued on everything." I say and he rolls his eyes. "That is not a good excuse Emma! I hate a lot of people but I wouldn't think about killing them!" He exclaims and I sigh. "Harry, why else would she have the newspapers in a suitcase?" I ask quietly and he looks away. "I-I don't know." He says, sighing in defeat and he sits down. I get off the table and sit next to him. "I just don't want to believe it." He says, tears filling his eyes. "I know Harry, I don't want to believe it either, I mean, she wanted to be the one to tell you that she wasn't her mom because she thought you would be ready but since I thought we might either get badly injured or killed that I told you." I say and he nods. "Fuck Emma, this is so confusing." He says, looking at me and I nod, rubbing his back. He leans back, rubbing his face and I lay my head on his shoulder and he lays his head on mine. We sit there like that for awhile until suddenly all together, the lights turn on, the TV turns on, the phone starts ringing, the stereo starts playing music loudly, basically every electronic things plugged in or attached to the wall, started magically working. "What the hell?!" I shout, standing up and Harry gets up too. Something flies through the window and I pull Harry backward before it hits him on the head. He lands on me and soon everything is silent. He looks up at me and I breathe heavily. "What the fuck was that?" He asks and I shrug. I stand up, moving toward the window but I don't see anyone out there suspicious, only some concerned neighbors. Suddenly my phone begins to vibrate. I pull it from my pocket and unlock it and click on the new text message. It says: You couldn't have just left well enough alone, could you? I look over to Harry and he gets up, coming over to me and peers down at my phone. "This doesn't sound good." He says and I shake my head. No, it does not.

Authors Note

Whoaaa!!!!! Someone has some awesome skills to be fucking will all the electricity!!! SERIOUSLY LIKE IT UP CHILDREN, IT'S GETTING INSANE!!! -Over&&Out

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