My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


19. Chapter 19

We don't have to walk for long, we came to realize, we landed right by the park. "Really?" I ask, looking at Harry and he shrugs. He walk back to his house and hurry inside. I go to the kitchen to see if Anne is in there but I find a note on the fridge. 'Gone away with Robin for the weekend xoxo' -A. I go to Harry and show him the note. "She knows I told you and probably didn't want to face you." I say and he has a look of sadness that fades. "Come on." He says and we go upstairs and we go to the door. He twists the knob but it's locked. The phone rings and I look at him. "Stay here, try to get something to open it." I say and he nods. I hurry to the phone, hesitantly picking it up. "Hello?" I ask, biting my lip. "Emma, I have been trying to get ahold of you! I have some news, I don't know if you will take it good or bad." He says and I lean against the wall. "What?" I ask and he laughs. "Your mum and I are engaged." He says and I gasp. "What?!" I shout, feeling stupid because I will admit, I had a tiny crush on him. "Yeah, I asked her last night, we are getting married next month." He says and I bite my cheek. "Oh, congratulations, I have to go." I say, hanging up, taking a moment to let my heart process what he just said. "Em! Come here!" Harry shouts and I start running to him but then I stop. He sounded just like my dad when he said that. I shake it off and run up to him. "Okay, I think I have a solution." He says and I questioningly look at him. He disappears for a second and then appears again. He has an axe, I step back, eyes wide. "What the fuck?!" I shout and he looks at me. "What?" He asks and I motion to the axe. "What do you mean what?!" I shout and he rolls his eyes and hits the door. The doorbell rings and I look at him. "Go answer it, I got this." I say and he nods. He walks off and I hit the door again. I drop the axe and pull the wood off and making a space big enough for me to get through and then I unlock the door so Harry could get in without getting a stupid splinter. I frantically search the desk, not finding anything. "What the fuck?!" I shout, pulling out all the drawers and searching for any hidden compartments. My phone beeps and I look at it. A text from Harry: It was Angela, I am taking her on a date, making things look normal, if you find anything, call me -H. I text back: Okay. I start looking through the bookshelves, throwing down the books to see if there is a secret door. I get an odd idea and go downstairs and grab a knife and go back to the office and stand over the chair. Wait, am I insane? There will be nothing in there. I set the knife on the chair and then I look around the room. I sigh and sit on the floor, putting my head in my hands, if it isn't in here, where could it be? It could be in the river or the ocean by now.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I am just building tension and apprehension!!! Hehehehehe -Over&&Out

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