My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


14. Chapter 14

"So Emma, it seems like I have seen you before." Harry says and I shrug. "I have never seen you before." I say, biting the inside of my cheek. "Well if I would have ever met you, I think I would remember you since you are so beautiful." He says and I blush. "T-thanks." I say and he smiles. We walk around his house, him showing me the rooms and then we walk over to the grand piano. "Do you play?" He asks and I smile. "A little." I say and he nudges me. I sit down, adjusting the seat to just the right spot and then gently put my hands on the keys and begin to play. Harry silently watches me as I hit every note, not messing up once. "That was beautiful." He says after I finish with the piece. "I don't remember the name but my dad used to play it and he taught it to me." I say, smiling, thinking back to when he would sit in the middle of the little cafe with the grand piano in the corner, pounding away at the keys, sending beautiful chords out. "Huh?" I completely missed what Harry had said. "You should teach me." He says and I smile. "That would be cool." I say and he smiles. "We will start tomorrow." I say and he smiles wider. "Sounds great." He says and I nod. We walk outside and a bunch of girls that work there stare at us, some with envy of me and others with awe of him. "Everyone is staring." I whisper and he smiles. "She's beautiful, isn't she?!" He shouts to the groups of workers and I blush. He wraps his arm around me and we start walking around. "You're pretty famous." I say and he laughs. "I'm a rockstar, I guess I am a little famous." He says and I look up at him and he smiles. "I think you and I will get along pretty well." I say, laughing. We go back inside and Anne is sitting in the living room with Robin. I go upstairs and I hear heavy footsteps behind me. I turn to see Harry following me. I go to my room and grab a pair of clothes and a tampon. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower. I leave the bathroom after getting dressed and run into Harry. "Oh, hey I was looking for you, do you want to go see a movie?" He asks and I smile. "Sure." I say and he looks me up and down. "Do you want a pair of clothes?" He asks and I look down at my sweats and oversized t-shirt. "Maybe." I say, laughing and he takes me to a room that is filled with clothes and shoes. I look through the clothes and smile. I find a pair of skinny jeans and look at Harry. He takes them and hands them to me. I find a grey sweater with a camera on it that says 'Thanks For the Memories', I smile and grab it. "Clever, Fall Out Boy." I say and he nods. I go to the restroom again and I undress, staring at the fresh wounds and the healing ones. I bite my lip and slowly get dressed and go and put my converse on. I dry my hair and leave it in waves and let it cascade down my back. I leave the bathroom and Harry looks at me and smiles. I grab my purse, stocked with tampons and smile at him. We go downstairs and Harry tells Anne that we are going to the movies and then we leave. "What do you want to see?" He asks and I shrug. "I haven't been to the movies for a while, is there anything you want to see?" I ask and he smiles. "Yeah." He says, opening the door for me and I climb in the car and he closes the door and gets in the driver's side.
We get to the theater and he takes me inside, guiding me by my hand and takes me upstairs. "What are we doing?" I ask and he takes me to a little room with a little film thing. We sit on the blanket that's on the floor and I look at him. "So i'm guessing you had this planned?" I ask and he laughs. "Maybe a little." He says and I laugh. The movie, the Shining comes on and I look at him. "Seriously?" I ask and he shrugs. "This movie is so scary!" I exclaim and he laughs. I turn my attention back to the the screening in front of me and watch. Harry yawns and stretches, putting his arm around me. I blush and laugh, that was kind of cheesy. "Cheesy?" He asks and I nod. "Very." I say and he smiles. I look at him and he is watching me. "What?" I ask and he slowly starts leaning in. I try to think of something to say so I could avoid this. "I-uh-I have to pee!" I exclaim and he opens his eyes. I jump up, grabbing my purse and running from the room. I hurry to the bathroom, leaning against the door, trying to catch my breath. Normally it wouldn't be weird to kiss your brother since you are siblings but in this case, he doesn't know we are related so it's super weird. I go to one of the stalls and do my thing. I walk out and wash my hands and walk back to the room. I peek in the door when I get back and he is just watching the movie. I walk in and close the door and take my seat next to him again. The rest of the movie, he doesn't try anything, which I am thankful for.
He takes us back to his house and we get out and I look at him. "Thank you for the wonderful evening." I say and he smiles. "Thank you for letting me take you out." He says and I smile. We go inside and upstairs. "Hey Emma." He says and I turn. "Ye-." Before I can finish, he cuts me off by kissing me on the lips. I kiss back so he doesn't think I am rejecting him, even though I should be. I pull away and he stares at me and I go to my room. I look at him before I close the door and his hand is on his lips and he is staring at where I was just standing. I close the door and lean against it. Haha, fuck.

Authors Note

Erm, I incest you like this story ;) hahahaha!! Lerv you -Over&&Out

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