My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


12. Chapter 12

I show up to a large mansion with a huge, gold S on the gate. I go to the gate and stare up at it. "Can I help you?" A voice from behind me asks. A large bald man steps out from the booth. "I'm Emma Stewart, I am here to see my grandparents." I say and he grabs my arm. "You aren't allowed to be on these premises." He says, pulling me away from the gate. He goes back to the booth and I stand across the street of the large mansion. I walk to the side, without the bald booth dude seeing me and I move to the back yard. There are a couple of people entering through a door and I run up behind them and follow them in. I look around and see a huge swimming pool and a fountain and a few bushes into the shapes of things. "Who are you?" A girl next to me asks. "I am here to see the people who live here." I say and she nods. "Me too, I want to meet their son so bad." She says and we enter through the back of the house. I see a brown haired woman who looks like my mom ordering people around. I step up to her and she smiles. "What a pretty girl you are, you get to go clean my son's room." She says, pointing toward the stairs and too afraid to speak, I do as she says. I go up the stairs and turn and I see the bald guy from the booth and I quickly run up the stairs. I run into someone and almost fall before he catches me. "Are you okay?" A deep, British accent asks. I look up to a curly headed boy with bright green eyes. Wait, is this my brother? I mean he looks like my dad with the curly brown hair. "Y-yeah." I say and he smiles. "Hi, i'm Harry, Harry Styles." He says and I smile. "I'm Emma, Emma Stewart." I say and he nods. "Nice to meet you." He says and I hear a woman's voice call his name and he smiles. "Coming mum!" He shouts and looks at me. "That's my cue, nice meeting you." He says and I smile. "Nice meeting you too." I say, walking past him. I go down the hall and search the rooms. I come across a room that is huge. It has posters of bands all over the walls. This must be Harry's room or a teenage girl's. I close the door behind me and turn on the light and there are of Harry and the woman downstairs and a man. "More working." I turn and see the woman from before. "I have a question." I say and she looks at her watch and then back at me. "What?" She asks and I bite my lip. "Do you happen to have a daughter?" I ask and she nods. "Yes, Heather, why?" She asks and I look at the ground and then back up at her. "I'm Emma, her daughter." I say and she stops moving and just stares at me.

Authors Note

Dun dun dun!! -Over&&Out

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