My Mother's Boyfriend (Completed)

Emma gets abused by her mother. Well her mother gets a new boyfriend, will that change??


1. Chapter 1

"Stay down there, I swear if you ruin this for me, I will kill you." My mom says and I flinch back from her raised hand. I look at the woman I once loved, I once called my mom. Her chestnut hair is pulled into an updo, make up cakes her face, her icy blue gaze staring straight at me, my gaze drops to her beaded blue dress and then to her matching blue pumps. Her hand collides with my cheek and my head jerks from the impact and I recover, looking up at her, holding my stinging cheek. "Were you even listening to me?!" She asks and I stare at her. "I said, you may meet my new boyfriend but if you fuck up, you will get punished." She says and I nod. She slams the door and I jump. I listen as her heels click against the tile floor until the door is slammed and then I leave my room. I go to my bathroom and stare at my reflection like I always do. My dark brown hair cascading over my shoulders, the same blue eyes as my mother's looking back at me, my father's high cheek bones, the indents on my cheeks where, when I smile, I have my dad's deep dimples, and my mother's nose and freckles. I close my eyes, shaking my head, I quickly leave the bathroom, beelining to the living room to get in a little TV time before my mom gets home. The reason she is so hurtful is because when my dad, she fell into a deep depression and there was some pent up anger because she never felt good enough to her parents so she takes it out on her only daughter Emma Elizabeth Stewart, me. 
I hear a car pulling up about two hours later and I scramble up from the couch, choosing not to meet her boyfriend. I mean for fuck sake, he is replacing my father. I retreat to my room, closing the door and lying on my bed. The door opens and closes and I hear my mom giggling. "Emma!" She shouts and I jump. I get up and ease open my door, going to the wall and peering around it. I see my mom with a tall, broad guy. He has brown hair and brown eyes and a freckle on his neck. He is in a blue t-shirt and jeans and converse. Quite handsome actually, Emma, shut up. "Emma, get out here!" My mom impatiently shouts. I scurry down the curving stairs, stopping on the bottom one. "Liam, this is my daughter Emma, Emma, this is Liam, my boyfriend." My mom introduces. My eyes flicker from her to him and I smile slightly. "Hi." I say in a hushed tone and smile appears on his face. "Hello there love, I see where she gets her looks." He says, looking at my mom and she literally giggles, right in front of me. "I will get us some drinks, Emma, to your room." She orders, her regular icy glare set on me and then her dopey lovey dovey eyes on Liam, this makes me sick. She leaves and I turn, my hand on the railing before my other hand is grabbed. I turn to Liam and he is smiling up at me. "It really was nice to meet you Emma, you look very ravishing in that dress." He kisses my hand and I blush. "Thank you Liam, it was really nice to meet you too." I say, pulling away and going upstairs. Damn that British accent!
I go to my closet, pulling out a shirt with sleeves and some shorts and my undergarments. I go to the bathroom, stripping from my clothes and closing my eyes so I don't have to look at my reflection. I move away from the mirror and to the shower. I turn on the water until it is hot. I climb in, letting the steamy water hit my back. I emerge from the shower after cleansing myself and pull on my undergarments and then my shirt and shorts. I go downstairs where my mom and Liam are sitting in the living room playing tonsil tennis, disgusting. I go to the kitchen and search the fridge. I pull out the ham and a piece of cheese and I grab two pieces of bread. "Emma, what are you doing?" Liam asks and I look at him. "I am making my dinner." I say but he shakes his head while laughing. "No, put that up, I am making dinner, for all of us." He says and I slowly put the things back and he smirks at me. "You aren't used to this, are you?" He asks but I shake my head. "Well I hope it's okay." He says, losing his smile a bit. "It's great." I say and he perks back up. "It really shouldn't matter at all what I think though, i'm not the one you're with." I say and he shrugs. "You're her most prized possession though." He says and I swear I heard him say something before that. "I'm really not." I say and he walks to the fridge. "Well you can be mine then." He says and I blush. "Liam?!" My mom calls and I look away from him. "And the witch calls."  I mutter and Liam cups my chin and I am forced to look at him. "Give her a chance, please." He says and I am mesmerized by his brown eyes. "Uh, um, sure." I say and he smiles and kisses my forehead, lingering for a little too long. He leaves and I go up to my room, to wait for dinner. 
"Emma!" Liam shouts and I groan, opening my eyes but not moving. I close my eyes again, snuggling my blanket. The door opens and I look up to Liam. "Hey love, dinner is ready." He says and I turn away. "Come on." He says, a smile in his voice. My blankets are pulled from me and I groan again. I am being lifted, bridal style, my eyes pop open and my arms wrap around his neck. "Hello sleeping beauty." He says, smiling and I smile slightly. We walk out of my room, to the top of the staircase. He sets me down and I grip his arm when I stumble a little but then I walk to the kitchen. I sit down far away from my mother and her boy toy and look down at the pasta, it looks good. I pick up my fork and dig in. I was right, it's delicious. "How is it?" He asks and I look up and he is staring at my mom. "Fantastic baby." She says and then his eyes flicker to me, a smile set on his face. "Good." I say and my mom looks at me, her eyes narrowing. I look down again and just finish up eating. I finish and get up, going to the sink and putting my dish in there, rinsing it. I turn and they are basically feeding each other, I shiver and leave. I go up to my room once again and lie down, snuggling into my blankets. I close my eyes, Liam somehow popping into my head and I open my eyes again and shiver. I close them again and I see darkness and I smile to myself, slowly drifting off into sleep.

Authors Note

New story for my 1 year anniversary :) I also saw that TFIOS fan fiction has been added <3. Okay, so this cover was once again made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX :) so I hope you like the story! -Over&&Out

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