noun; a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.


5. 5.


Chapter Five


"That's the last suitcase Silas!"


Iris' eyes wandered around her room as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Today was the day she was leaving to Rome with her father and Louis. When her mother had found out she was leaving... she didn't cry but she was upset. The last thing her mother had wanted to do was hold her back from moving on. She heard the sound of shoes making contact with the hardwood floor of her bedroom and turned around to find Louis. He stood beside her looking around the room that held many memories of the past they were currently running from.


"It's actually happening huh? We're actually leaving England." He mumbled softly, his voice laced with disbelief. Iris nodded slowly, both of them said nothing as they stood reliving their cherished memories.


Iris stifled a laugh and slapped a hand over her mouth as she attempted to suppress her giggles. Zayn was currently hovering over a sleeping Louis with a black sharpie marker in hand. He had drawn a thick curly mustache on Louis upper lip and was dotting his face with black spots. He then brought the marker over Louis forehead and drew in thick bold letters 'LOSER'.


Zayn took a step back reviewing his work of art before he began to full blow laugh. He fell to his knees beside Iris who was already hooting on the floor. She rolled around clutching her stomach while laughing loudly. Zayn doubled over in laughter slapping his knees when Louis finally woke up. He looked at the two with wide curious eyes until he noticed the sharpie in Zayn's hand. Louis ran to the bathroom while Iris and Zayn continued to laugh, tears sprung into their eyes when they finally heard a loud rage filled scream, "Iris! Zayn!"


They both exchanged worried glances as Louis stood before them his face red with anger, "Oh shit."


"Lou... let's leave." She finally said after her flashback drifted away, her gaze shifted from her room to Louis who now had a sad smile tugging at the corner of his light pink lips. "Yeah. Let's go Iris."


They both slowly walked out of her room and down her winding oak staircase. She now stood on her porch hugging her brother tightly. "Text me all the time alright? Just don't forget me Iris. I'm your brother and whenever you need me I'll be there, as cliché as it sounds, but it's true. Just give me a call when you’re feeling down or if you just want to talk okay?" He whispered quietly into her ear, she nodded into his chest before pulling away. He smiled at her before planting a soft kiss on her forehead, "Do me a favor and be careful alright?" She nodded cracking a small smiled before ruffling his hair, "Do me a favor and stop being such a handsome and caring brother." She teased, Silas laughed and shook his head, "Sorry sis, can't. The ladies love this." He said while flexing, Iris and Louis laughed at Silas' usual cockiness.


Iris moved onto her mother and embraced her in a long loving hug, "I'm going to miss you mom." She mumbled while her mother tenderly stroked her long hair. Her mother sighed and pulled away holding her daughter at arms length, "I'm going to miss you to tesoro." She said softly. her warm emerald green eyes brimming with tears. Iris rested a hand on her mother's cheek and sighed. "Mum, what did I say about crying? This is so I can move on and be happy. You don't want me to be sad and cry all the time do you?" Iris asked while gazing into her eyes, Louis stood to the side watching the exchanges his eyes watery. He didn't have any parents to bid goodbye too, and it upsets him but he pushed away the thought.


Iris is my family now.


He thought while smiling at his brunette friend, whether Iris knew it or not... she was the most caring and kindest person he had ever met. She most likely thinks of herself as the complete opposite but who doesn't self loathe? Even Louis had crossed that stage before; it was when he had moved on from his family's death. He had felt so ashamed for moving on, but soon he had realized that everything in life happens for a reason. Before his parents death Louis lived life without a care and only really cared for himself. When his family passed away he had realized that the reason was so that he would cherish life more and the people around him.


"Louis! Come on let's go!"


Louis snapped his head up to see Iris and her father already in the taxi; he quickly rushed into the car sliding into the seat next to Iris. He turned to look at her and gave her a small smile, he could tell she was a bit hesitant about leaving so he reached forward and captured her hand in his own giving it a tight reassuring squeeze. She smiled gratefully at him before removing her hand and placing it in her lap, she rested her head on his shoulder and said nothing as they drove to the airport.



"Flight 108 to Pastine International Airport is now boarding. Please head to your specified gate."


Iris, Louis and her Dad stood up from their seats, Iris cast Louis a side glance to see if he was as nervous as she was. His eyebrows were furrowed, his eyes glazed over as if he was in deep thought. She rested a hand on his shoulder smiling at him as the three of them headed to their gate.


It was finally happening. She was finally leaving England, though she was hesitant. She knew it was the best for her. She was extremely nervous but she knew that Louis and her dad would stand by her every step of the way. They would protect her and help her through this dark phase of life she was going through. Because that's was family was for. Though her and Louis weren't bound by blood, it didn't matter. Because all it took to make a family was love, trust and bondage. Something her and Louis shared.


She glanced at her friend and smiled slightly, although they were both feeling a large amount of pain and grief they could both share that pain and grief. They could share it and cry together, morn together and no matter what she would be with him every step of the way. Just like she was sure he would to the same.


Without Louis with her, supporting her through Zayn's death she was sure she would have lost it. She would have gone if she were left alone. But she wasn't, she had Louis, her mum, her dad and Silas to help her.


Once they had boarded the plane and had taken there seats Iris pulled out her phone switching it to airplane mode. She pulled her headphones out of her handbag and scrolled through her music. She ignored the flight attendant who went through the usual safety procedures and let the soft humming of the song soothe her into a deep slumber.


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